Sonnets For My Savior 24

Sonnets For My Savior 24


What is it you value most?

Is it a thing or a person?

What would you give to come even close

to the prize you most desire to have won?

Would you sell everything?

Would you trade anything?

What amount of gifts or money would you bring

to have that one person or thing?

We can’t comprehend how great it is

to know Jesus in our hearts?

If we knew how great it was to be His,

we would offer everything we have before bidding even starts.

Knowing him is of surpassing worth,

and when we see that, we’ll be willing to let go of everything else on Earth.


A Glimpse of Humanity

Though the waves crashed, and the storm swelled,

Our savior slept.

“Save us,” the disciples yelled.

They thought to wake Jesus, lest into the sea, they’d be swept.

Their faith was small.

Their fear was great.

No ocean squall

could alter Christ’s fate.

They feared for their lives.

So they sought to wake Him.

They had no concern for the rest their anxiousness deprived.

They only wanted Him to save them.

How weary would he have to have been

to be able to sleep through a storm so grim?


He Sees

The secrets one doesn’t tell.

The desires a man buries deep.

The Son of Man knows full well

every promise one fails to keep.

The hypocrisy of one.

The honesty of another.

The reasons a man’s deeds are done.

The Son of Man knows these things as no other.

He can tell us all things.

He can reveal the truth.

To attain the peace he brings

is to let go the ignorance of youth.

Embrace the Savior of the world

before whom the truth of all things are unfurled.


An End to Hunger

Bread can only do so much.

Eventually it passes, and man must eat again.

There is something greater, which hunger can not touch.

It can take away the hunger of men.

Do not reject Him.

Do not ask Him to prove himself.

Instead, believe in Him,

and receive through Him spiritual health.

With Him you will never hunger.

With Him you will never thirst.

Do not delay any longer.

Instead choose to place Him first.

All one needs is to turn from his sinful life,

and accept Him, who is the bread of life.


Striving for Wisdom

Grant me King Solomon’s gift.

Let me fear you, for that is the beginning.

Help me number my days, be they long or swift.

Help me seek your word, lest I keep on sinning.

Your wisdom is pure and peaceable,

merciful, and full of good fruits.

It is impartial, sincere, and reasonable.

I would count myself blessed if I had just one of these attributes.

Should I ever convince myself I am wise,

make me a fool.

Should the pride in my heart rise,

humble me, so I might submit to your rule.

I seek your wisdom and instruction,

for my wisdom leads only to destruction.


Humble Me

Humble me, Lord, if I grow conceited.

Humble me, lest I be disgraced.

Unless the pride in me is defeated,

all my effort to know you better is a waste.

My pride is great, but it will bring me low,

Deliver unto me a lowly spirit.

The need for humility is something I know.

My pride tempts me, but I no longer want to hear it.

Honor follows humility,

but I get lost in the desire for earthly praise.

Your grace can give me the ability,

to repent and change my ways.

Please accept my sincere confession

and help me, Lord, to embrace your correction.



She came to the well to drink

and found Him sitting there.

He asked for some water, and she was shocked to think

that a Jew would ask a Samaritan to share.

He taught her about the living water,

which could remove her thirst.

He was greater than Jacob, their father,

and she came to see this as they conversed.

He told her all things,

he knew all she had done.

Many Samaritans came to hear the truth he brings

because this woman found them and told them to come.

She knew the time of the Messiah would come to be.

When she told him, he replied, “I who speak to you am he.”


I Proudly Present Sojourn in Captivity! My New Book is Available for Preorder

I Proudly Present Sojourn in Captivity! My New Book is Available for Preorder

Sojourn_Ebook_CoverGreetings all,

This has just been an amazing year so far, and I’m proud to say that, as stated in my State of the Weech, Sojourn in Captivity is officially available for preorder!

As usual, the book will be 99 cents from now until April 15, when it will go to it’s normal price of $2.99.

This project was actually a long time coming. It was originally going to be part of an anthology with the Slush Brain. When that fell through, I was left with a story I was still very proud of, so I decided to put it on the release schedule.

I wanted to push myself with this story, and I did. It’s based on drama, not action. It’s in first person, present tense. These are all things that are way out of my comfort zone. Not only did I grow as an author, I produced a story that I just can’t say enough about.

Here’s the official blurb:

Elele is about to meet her god. She’s about to be elevated to the highest evolved form of her species. Even as she prepares to step before the most powerful entity in the universe, she refuses to confess her secret. She doesn’t want to change.

However, the only thing worse than changing, would be failing to transform. Those who don’t evolve are regarded as Ketz, forsaken. Her faith demands she go through the ceremony, but she’s torn between her desire to keep the life she’s known, and what happens to those Seferam who don’t become Var’lechen.

When the ceremony begins, she’ll learn that she wasn’t the only member of her family with a secret. Elele must kneel before Adhol, but what happens after that will change how she sees her family, her role in the universe, and the being her planet has chosen to recognize as their god.


shepherdThis book is essentially the prequel to a series I’m chipping away at called Perception of War. Before Oneiros Log’s deadline loomed, I was a considerable way through the discovery draft of the first book in the series, and I really can’t wait to get back to it.

I hope you’ll decide to give this a try. I’m always striving to deliver great content, and I hope this story is as wonderful to read as it was for me to write. If you’re interested, you can click the link above or right here.

Thanks for reading,


Book Review: Anxious For Nothing by John MacArthur

Book Review: Anxious For Nothing by John MacArthur
Anxious for nothing
Image of the book’s cover was taken from for review purposes under fair use doctrine. 

I have been, and feel I will always be, a man of ambition. I’m constantly after something. I’m task and goal oriented. The bulk of my earthly motivations are built around a specific and (usually) measurable goal.

There are a lot of advantages to this. I consider myself reliable. People tend to come to me for results, and I would like to think I deliver. My drive has helped me to publish the books I’ve published and be recognized at work.

But that drive wears on not just me, but those around me. I say again, I’ll always be a man of ambition, but I don’t want my ambition to cause more selfishness than I already tend to demonstrate. I don’t want my ambition to push those I love away or blind me to things that I already have.

Those are the reasons I choose to read Anxious for Nothing as my next book by John MacArthur. Reading this has given me a new perspective on how to separate drive from stress. I’m still growing in this, but having a biblical perspective on life has already dramatically reduced my number of rants. I’m certain I used to have a daily average. Not only is this frame of mind sinful, it’s also just exhausting. I’d be mad at a coworker. I’d be annoyed at one of my friends. I’d be frustrated over my sales. All of these things are self centered. This book is essentially a blunt reminder that we trust God to provide for us. For one (such as myself) who seeks to move and do, that action can become sinful (and unhealthy) if it leads to stress and resentment.

Image of John MacArthur taken from his website for review purposes.

This book points out that fact, and it provides biblical reasoning for why that thinking is unnecessary. It’s hard for me to do, but the more I let go of my own pride, the more I find things working out. I don’t currently further endorse the phrase “let go, and let God.” My problem isn’t with the literal words, but the connotation they might have. If I just sit in my chair without eating or drinking, I’m going to eventually starve to death.

So rather than detract from MacArthur’s valuable insight, I choose to focus on a single verse:

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33 ESV)

The more I focus on that, the more I find my other efforts bearing fruit. MacArthur’s book is an arrow pointing to a frame of mind that can truly bring peace to anyone working with stress or frustration. I’d recommend it to anyone, but it’s probably best suited for believers who may be feeling overwhelmed or stressed about their daily life.

Thanks for reading,


Sonnets For My Savior 23

Sonnets For My Savior 23

To Miss the Target

God’s will should be the prize,

the target one should aim for.

To ignore the target is sin and your demise,

To miss the target is a sin against the God we adore.

Aim for the target that is His will.

Discipline your body and mind.

Work and train so that you might hone the skill

to perform as you should; cast off any bad habits that you find.

However; none are without flaw,

we inevitably fail to hit the target.

For no mortal flesh can perfectly follow the law.

The temptation rises, and, no matter how disciplined, we forget.

Thanks be to God for Christ our advocate, our propitiation.

Thanks be to God through Christ, through whom we received our salvation.



David chose to cut Saul’s robe

rather than his neck.

Saul had chased David across the globe,

yet David kept his anger in check.

David could have killed Saul where he slept,

but instead took Saul’s spear and water.

Saul’s jealously led him to anger, and David wept,

but still, David did not give in to the counsel’s advice to slaughter.

If David had his enemy at his feet,

how much more could God do to us as he wills?

Instead he sent his son to perform his redeeming feat,

for with his death our punishment Christ fulfills.

When all we deserve is death under God’s fury,

What fools would turn aside this chance at mercy?


How I Would Be Treated

Though they may treat me with anger,

let me act with love in all situations.

Though they my avoid me like a stranger.

Let me welcome them like my closest relations.

Though they may hate me, and perhaps justly so,

let me forgive as You have forgiven me.

Though they may make promises that their actions never show,

Let me act as I say I will and be as I say I’ll be.

Though they may fail to come when I need,

let me be steadfast, faithful, and reliable.

Though they may strike me and make me bleed,

let me hold my temper lest I prove myself despicable.

Let me be loving, honorable, and respectful of men,

for that is how I would be treated by them.


The Good News

He died on the cross for our sins;

as the Pslam says, “They have pierced My hands and feet.”

Isaiah said, “But He was wounded and crushed for our sins.”

Indeed it was prophesied, and now it is complete.

He was buried and raised on the third day;

as Isaiah said, “He was put in a rich man’s grave.”

But God would not let this death stay.

The Pslam said, “You brought me up from the grave.”

He appeared to appeared to Peter;

he appeared to the apostles and to 500;

He appeared to Saul, who then became a believer.

All those who accept this truth become kindred.

This is the gospel by which we are saved.

Through him we’re freed from sin, no longer enslaved.


The Empty Tomb

The stone was rolled away,

revealing the tomb was empty.

He had risen on the third day

as it was written at the beginning of history.

They did not see Jesus leave,

He had already gone.

Then the women came to grieve

just as the sun began to dawn.

They wouldn’t have known if the stone hadn’t moved.

Any could have argued he still slept.

But the barren tomb only proved,

he had risen as he said, and the women remembered and wept.

You see, the stone wasn’t moved to help Jesus leave;

it was rolled aside so others could see and then believe.


Reasons to Praise

How wondrous and mighty is He!

How merciful! How just!

He saved a sinner like me.

He soothed my anger and pulled me from my sinful lust.

How gracious and kind is He!

He heals our diseases! He gives us comfort when we’re in pain!

He helps the blind to see.

His might releases our strain.

How righteous and holy is He!

He is sovereign! He is perfect!

This universe came alive through his decree.

He sees every flaw; there is no transgression he will fail to detect.

Praise be to our God almighty.

All glory and honor belongs to Thee!


My Words

I say people should be kind and giving,

but I cling tight to my money when others have need.

I say people should let go and be forgiving,

but I hold grudges and never concede.

I say people should be helpful,

but when others cry out, I tell them I haven’t the time.

I say people should sacrifice,

but when asked to help, I hold fast to what I consider mine.

I make excuses for the the rules I say others should follow.

I rationalize the misdeeds I judge others for doing to me.

But I no longer want my words to be hollow.

I want to treat others as I wish to be treated, so my conscience can be free.

But I don’t have power or wisdom to do this on my own.

But by the help of Jesus, I can change. I have help. I am not alone.

Great News: Consistent Results Are Awesome!

Great News: Consistent Results Are Awesome!

The Journals of Bob Drifter Front CoverGreetings all,

Last week was Bob’s fourth birthday, and I did another giveaway.  Even though I didn’t do nearly as much social media work, I’m still thrilled to announce the book had 1,151 downloads! It’s just a humbling, amazing blessing.

The biggest chunk of that came via marketing through On both days I had a campaign through them, I had more than 700 downloads. Whatever else happens, it’s  a great way to get books into readers’ hands.

I’m still hoping to gain reviews for both Caught and The Journals of Bob Drifter, but it’s still very early in that regard.

However, the immediate results were still fantastic.  Like Caught, Bob made it all the way to number three in its category.

Screen Shot 2019-03-02 at 3.25.41 PM.pngFirst, I can’t thank you all enough for the support you’ve shown me! It’s overwhelming to see so many people out there showing any interest in my books. Now I can honestly say there are thousands of copies of these books out there, and I can’t repay you all for such kindness. All I can do is try to keep working on compelling stories, which I am doing at as we speak.

While I’m waiting for reviews for Caught and Bob, I did get this very kind five-star review for The Power of Words, so the good news just keeps on coming.

ElelefinalI could spend hours typing up various ways to say thanks, but it wouldn’t be enough. What I can say is I’m working hard to give you more content. I’m more than halfway through the discovery draft of Betrayed: Book Two of the Oneiros Log. Sojourn in Captivity will be available by April 1, and I’m trying to get it up for preorder by the 15 (might not get that). The flip book featuring Sojourn and Repressed is also under development. Every solid campaign or kind review just inspires me to work that much harder. Even the not-so-kind reviews motivate me to improve my craft and take that criticism into consideration. I hope you like I’ve written so far, and I can’t wait to show you what’s coming!

Thanks for reading,


Story Review: The Start of Something Beautiful by Kacey Ezell, From For a Few Credits More Anthology

Story Review: The Start of Something Beautiful by Kacey Ezell, From For a Few Credits More Anthology


510QAdWwRNLSpoiler Free Summary: The Start of Something Beautiful by Kacey Ezell is the final story in the Four Horsemen anthology, For a Few Credits More.  Azah is a Tortantula who never should have survived hatching. Azah is about to bond an infant Flatar (and I just don’t know what that is, I think it’s the Torantula word for human, but I don’t know). But the infant Flatar, Sadek, isn’t at all what Azah expected, but after a close encounter with Azah’s murderous siblings, they start to see each other in a different light.

Character: Azah is proactive enough, but the character isn’t very sympathetic. Part of the issue stems from a short story (though this is the beginning of a novel by Ezell and Mark Wandrey called Weaver). It’s hard to connect with a character in just a portion of a story.

Image of Kacey Ezell taken from her website for review purposes under Faire Use Doctrine.

Thanks for reading,


Sonnets For My Savior 22

Sonnets For My Savior 22

The Most Frightening

They speak with conviction;

they act with determination,

but their hearts are driven by self-satisfaction

not by any Godly devotion.

They’re convinced they know right;

they’re committed to their cause.

They gnash their teeth and fight,

and satisfy themselves pointing out others’ flaws.

They convict others

but never look within.

They’d persecute their brothers

without once looking inside themselves for sin.

The most frightening thing a man could be,

is someone self-righteous and willfully ignorant of his own misdeeds.



I can never reach Him,

but I can strive to get closer.

My heart longs to be near Him,

but I need His grace to get nearer.

Yesterday, I was infinitely far away.

Today, I still have an infinite distance to go.

But if I look at the difference between yesterday and today,

please let me see that I did indeed grow.

I was a sinner then;

I am a sinner now.

But if I look at my self again,

please let me see that I’ve born fruit somehow.

Let me be closer to You.

Inch by inch, day by day, closer to You.


For All

What use is anyone’s praise,

if people don’t understand who they wish to glorify.

Any unintelligible phrase,

simply makes worship hard to identify.

Let our words build up;

let other believers respond in kind.

Let us all drink from the same spiritual cup.

Do not force those who wouldn’t understand to remain blind.

Rather than self-serving demonstrations,

let believers share in the truth.

Let us be clear in our conversations,

ensuring believers understand each word that comes from your mouth.

Let every believer hear and recall

that God’s truth was meant for all.


It Isn’t Mine

It isn’t mine to punish those who wrong me.

It isn’t mine to seek justice when I’ve been harmed.

Each will receive his reward, even if I can’t see.

All sin and are punished for the deeds they performed.

Why should I seek to punish when I myself am guilty?

Why do I continue to place my sin below others?

Why do I seek to act without pity,

unless it is I who wrong another?

There is only one judge.

He possesses the authority.

If one chooses to hold his grudge,

he places his will over the LORD’s sovereignty.

Vengeance isn’t ours to repay

It belongs to our God, to whom we pray.


What Right Do We Have

If we praise God for forgiveness,

why can we not forgive?

Our God is a God of righteousness,

If we receive his mercy, why shouldn’t we give?

Why hold on to anger

when someone else offends.

Anger is the same as murder

in the eyes of God, on whom we depend.

Did he forgive our sins

because ours are lesser?

Realize that he, through Christ, forgave our sins,

for none are truly more minor or greater.

If we ask forgiveness for the evil we have sown.

what right do we have to withhold our own?



I should not worship TV or games,

but I do.

I should not worship my time or acclaim,

but I do.

I should not put the highest value on money or ambition,

but I do.

I should not put the highest value on success or promotion,

but I do.

Hear my sorrow;

please slay these idols.

It’s you I wish to follow;

please take control.

Be the ruler of my existence,

for I can’t turn away without your assistance.


The New Body

A seed is planted into the earth.

What is raised is something new.

Those saints who die receive a second birth,

for what was planted came to life, and then it grew.

We are sown perishable;

We are sown in a natural body;

We are raised imperishable.

We are raised in a spiritual body.

We are sown in weakness

but raised in glory.

We can praise with gladness

because we know Jesus’ story.

First is the life that is natural;

then will come the body that is spiritual.