A “I Finished Writing My Fifth Book” Freak Out Moment

I wanted to Reblog this because it’s a victory. It’s a touching story about a writer who won’t give up on her dreams. She’s tapping into a lot of the same vibes I’m hoping any who read my blog will feel. Congratulations on completing that fifth book, Nicole Evans. I hope you find success sooner rather than later, but I have little doubt it WILL happen. It’s just a matter of when.

Thoughts Stained With Ink

So, about half an hour ago, I did a thing. I finished a book. But not just any book. My fifth book. A book that I began tentatively planning earlier this spring. A book that, when I made my goals for the year, I didn’t plan to start writing until around October. Did I imagine that I would actually finish this thing this year? Hell no. Did I imagine that once I moved out of my apartment, I’d be averaging roughly 5,000 words a day? That’s impossible. Did I think that I could jump from 35K to 75K in just six days? That’s ridiculous.

Yet I sit here, at work, with an hour left of my shift, and I was able to type something that resonates with, “This story will continue in the next book.”

My emotions right now are everywhere.

I feel powerful.

I feel excite. So excite, I…

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10 thoughts on “A “I Finished Writing My Fifth Book” Freak Out Moment

  1. Thank you so much for reblogging my freak out moment. I’ve never had anyone reblog one of my posts before, so that is just plain exciting. Thank you, also, for such sweet words and encouragement. I appreciate it more than you realize!!!

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      1. That is a trick. I use my routine as a gauge. Work on the book. BREAK Work on the blog. BREAK work on marketing BREAK back to the book. I promise, every time I’m writing a blog, I’m thinking about how much MORE progress I could be making on the book, but I’d like the book to sell, so it necessitates the marketing. It’s all still progress toward the main goal.


      2. That has what I’ve been trying to do, work when my TBI gets in the way. If I’m not up to the book, I manage the blog and brainstorm for other works. Still, I need to work on increasing the writing time if I wanna get everything done.

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