As I type this, I have 101 followers.  This is just amazing to me.  As an MC in the Navy, I constantly teach my students, “producing content is worthless if it’s not reaching anyone.”  That’s true, but if you reach someone, that matters.  I get a huge sense of satisfaction thinking that 1 person cares.

thank-you-1606941_960_720For the longest time, I kept writing because Ben (my brother) was reading my work.  I gained friends, joined a writers’ group, and found myself on the HMS Slush Brain.  I have support, and this milestone matters.  EVERY milestone matters.

So to celebrate, I’d like to thank a few people.

Quintessential Editor:  Corey helped me make this page.  He noticed my last blog wasn’t help-1013700_960_720getting any traffic, so he pretty much clapped his hands and wiggled his nose, and I had a website before I knew it.  He’s a great man, a brilliant writer and one of the most dedicated friends you can ask for.  He helped me get set up on WordPress, and was my first follower.

Rough & Ready Fiction:  Jenn is one of my top interactions on the blog.  She’s always offering comments, and I truly appreciate it.  Also, she likes Supernatural, so she’s got to be cool.

J.R. Handley Blog:  He’s another person who’s always offering comments and helpful links.  He’s a top contributor and always has some great insight.

black-84715_960_720Sinister Dark Soul:  I love reading the prose on this site.  Sometimes I just skim along the
posts and look at the lines that jump out at me.  If you have 20 seconds, you’ll read some fascinating musings.

Finally, there’s The Excited Writer.  Nichole was my 100th follower if my computer is telling me true.  Thank you Nichole!  I hope that you keep stopping by and I keep providing you with content that interests you!

Thank you all for reading,






9 thoughts on “100!

      1. It’s been tricky as of late to keep up with everything. During the week, I’m generally reading and liking, and less commenting. Weekends it is easier to comment as I don’t have work to go to the next day.

        WordPress is a great place to write. I also find it a great place to find and read others works. I learn a lot from you & Corey. I enjoy discussing writing and reading others works. I am prob going to have to get a proper laptop again soon though.

        My old IPad is having a hard time keeping up when running things from the app. The more people I find and add, the longer it takes to boot up this app. I’m rambling…(I tend to do that) but I hope to see more from you and the other talented souls on this site.

        Just know, even if I don’t comment (life and all) I’m generally still reading. Keep up the amazing teaching and the great work! ^_^

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  1. I’m super thrilled for you, Matt. This is just the beginning too. Once Caught comes out and you’re a best seller, you’ll have one-zillion followers pouring through your past content to find your secrets. Honestly, there are already some great secrets you’ve shared over the short time you’ve been crushing the blogspace.

    I’m glad to have been able to help you start up this blog, but you are the one who has made it into what it is. I know you’ll continue to share insights, struggles, and future successes with all of us and we will benefit greatly from it. Keep up the amazing work Matt!

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    1. The ironic thing is I’m sitting here trying to think about what I’m going to blog about next :). Honestly, I just like knowing that I’m reaching people. As I continue to put out books and post blogs, I just want to grow. One hundred followers today. More the next day. That’s the nature of our business, which, as it happens, has just become the next topic I’m going to write about. (I have like 12 blogs backed up, so it may be a while before anyone reads it).

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