coverrevealI was happy to log on the other day and see another 5-star review for The Journals of Bob Drifter.  You can see the full review here on Amazon.

This review comes from Author Alice Langholt. Her book First Family was a Readers’ Favorite 5-star novel, and is available via paperback and kindle.  It’s the story of what happened to Adam and Eve after that fateful bite of the apple.

I’m always happy to receive reviews. Positive reviews are even greater, especially when they’re from other authors.  I’m grateful to Alice for reading my book and feeling good enough about it to post such a great review.  I hope giving you and your book a shout out in some small way shows my appreciation to you.



5 thoughts on “Yet Another 5-Star Review!

  1. I’m actually working my way through Journals at the moment!
    Loving it so far, but between writing, reading about writing (blame Corey for that one) and pretending to do work at my full-time job while actually novel plotting, reading for fun is difficult to find the time for!
    Just wanted to say though, it’s great so far. The concept is brilliant and Bob’s character really shines through from the get-go.

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      1. If you can picture me standing and singing Anchors Aweigh, that’d be my response. We’re silly, but we do silliness in giant ships with equally large rockets. Speaking of…any Navy element in Sleeping Legion? I need to pick that series up here in the next swag grab.

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      2. There is a space navy in the Human Legion Universe. The Spacers (Space Sailors) in series don’t get a Navy until later books. They do have Spacers flying fighters but no interstellar vessels. And I can’t wait for Caught… Corey swears it’s gonna be awesome!!

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    1. Seriously man, thank you so much. Even just stopping by and mentioning it is so kind of you. Funny you mention plotting, my next few scheduled blogs are about the subject. I hope they’re helpful to you. I’m doing some stuff I’ve never tried before with Sojourn, and it’s scaring the crap out of me, in an exciting way. Love that you’re reading JOBD, and I’m even more motivated to hear about your progress. I mean that. The world (especially these days) needs good stories from lots of great writers. I look forward to the project you’re plotting getting out there.

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