front-coverI sat down today (Tuesday for those reading this) and saw an email from Kirkus Reviews. As I’ve mentioned, I sent Caught to both Kirkus and Red City Review so I could add book blurbs to my cover. This only worked if they actually liked the book.

So when I saw the email notifying me my review was ready, I said a prayer, texted those near and dear to me asking for the same, and then clicked the link.

WOW! Look, an author works on a book hoping it was well written and reviewers will have something positive to say. This review is nothing short of glowing! Kirkus isn’t obligated to offer my book kind words. They’re an independent review company that has an Indi-author review program. They also review best sellers. I’ve seen kind reviews, polite reviews, positive reviews and even a few that we’re so kind. When I sent them Caught, I was nervous. This really motivates me. It makes me think I have a lot of positive momentum, and I hope that continues as other reviews come in.

I’m about 25 percent through the final proof of Caught and another thing I’ll let you all read about tomorrow. I hope you all decide to give Caught a chance, and I also hope you think as highly of it as this review shows.

Thanks for reading,


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