15085506_10153817749897142_5002612613170139505_nSo I’ve been working on getting a new place for a while now. I’m happy to say I closed last Monday!

I’ve lived most of my life in apartments. So when I knew I was going to buy a place of my own, I felt getting a condo was right for me. I looked at about 30 places before talking to my relator, a very helpful and patient woman named Shannon. I sent a list in order of my favorites. We looked around. I updated the list. I put an offer on one place. Those owners made me wait a week before I heard anything, so I moved on to put an offer on another place.

What did I think of this? I that email I sent Shannon, I said, “This is by far my favorite place.” It has that roll top desk you see above and a swinging chair on the porch where I intend to sit, read, grow old, and yell at “those punk kids,” when I’m retired and even more grumpy.

It’s a beautiful place with a ton of space, included a room that will become my office and library. Consider these images the “before” pictures as I continue to work on making this condo my home bot connotatively and denotatively.

15073570_10153817749902142_540215345806941249_nI also hope this explains where I’ve been the last few weeks.  I’ve been doing a ton just getting moved. I’ve done all of this while making progress on Sojourn in Despair and performing the final proofread for Caught. I haven’t had a reliable internet connection for about three weeks. I spent a few days with some friends, which let me keep my head above water in the social media world, but the biggest area I suffered in was here with you all. It was all I could do just to keep the posts coming and jumping from site to site. I’ve found posts I was happy to “like” and even comment on. Just yesterday my phone ran out of data, so I’ll be even harder pressed to be active on these pages until my internet is installed.

This home is worth all of that. I look forward to updating your tours (I promise the library will be something to see.)

Until then, thanks for reading,




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