front-coverSo when I wasn’t moving or drafting Sojourn in Despair, I received the digital proof of Caught. This gave me the chance to read it over yet again and catch any last minutes errors.  This was important for me because I wish I’d taken one more read with The Journals of Bob Drifter. I did look at the digital proof of Bob, but I rushed, and I was impatient.

Not so this time. I read the book two more times, making corrections and tweaks as I found them. No book is ever perfect, but I’m very confident this book is better written than Bob. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the book. It’s still an awesome story, but I want every book I write to be better than the last book. One way I knew I could do that was to take an extra pass of the digital proof.

I finished that process Monday night, and I’m waiting to make sure everything is in order. Ben (my brother in law) is working to put all those wonderful review quotes on the cover so we can upload that to CreateSpace. Then it’s all over but the waiting.

I simply can’t tell you how excited I am for this book. I’ll be celebrating it’s release with the HMS Slush Brain Book Bash. I’ll also be all over this blog, Twitter, and my own Facebook accounts. A lot of work and effort goes into every book, and I’m proud of this result. Once I hear about an official release date, I’ll be sure to announce that. I’ll also be dropping a few chapters on this blog just to teas you all a bit.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me. I hope you find Caught worth the wait!

Thanks for reading,


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