caught-front-coverI am so very happy to announce that Caught is available for preorder!

There’s going to be more news here as I continue to set up my tour for the book, but this sort of news is just too awesome to hold back! I had a lot of people help me make this possible, and it’s finally time to get the book out there to you all.

I did a few things differently, so things are actually more available than this, but I’m trying to build around live events and online events.

First:  You can preorder an autographed paperback edition from my personal online store here. Understand if you order from me, you will get an autographed copy, but it won’t ship until the book’s hard release date of Jan. 28.

Next: You can preorder the ebook from Amazon right here. Prime users get sweet deals. Trust me on that. But, for most everyone else, I have a special promotion going on. From now until Feb. 4, Caught will be on sale for $0.99! On Feb. 5, the ebook will go up to its regular price of $2.99. The ebook is an Amazon exclusive, so that’s the only place you can grab it from.

You can expect quite a few posts from me in the next few weeks or so as I set up events. I’m so excited. I truly hope you’ll all decide to give this book a try.

Thanks for reading,



10 thoughts on “Caught is Available for Preorder

  1. This is very exciting news! I’m looking forward to seeing your success! Best of luck with the preorders…I too will be waiting to snag an autographed copy. Hope your vacation back home was enriching.

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    1. Thanks Corey! Glad to see you man. I can tell how busy you’ve been. I’m thrilled at how successful your editorial project have been this far, and I’m glad you were my continuity editor for Caught. I can wait to hear more about Wastelander.


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