It’s been a fun experiment, one I’m glad I thought of. I know I’ll be doing one for January. We’ll see how this thing grows. I like competition and things like that, so I’ll give this some time, and hopefully it’ll take off.

With that said, voting for the finals for the month of December are officially ongoing! It’s been fun seeing how things have progressed.  We started with 16 nice covers, and I can really get behind the two remaining books.

Your finalists for the month of December are:

A Throne of Bones by Vox Day and Betrayer’s Bane by Michael G. Manning. Both are beautiful covers.




(NOTE: Both covers provided to assist in voting and review purposes under fair use)

You can see the whole bracket and vote here. But thanks to J.R., I noticed some devices have trouble loading the actual matchup, so if you just want to vote and see larger versions, you can do that here. (Also, I have the books above for your full viewing enjoyment.

Voting lasts until Jan. 17 at midnight (so it’s over the first minute of Jan. 18). I’ll post the winner on my blog the following day. I’ll also buy that book and add it to my TBR pile.

Thanks for reading



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