MLSWeechAs I type this, I currently have 211 followers on WordPress, and that’s just amazing to me. I’ve been on this journey for a little less than two years, and the only way success is possible is with readers who are interested in the content I produce. I’ve made friends, and I’ve become a fan of some of those I follow as well.  So with that in mind, I’d like to pass along that success by talking about a few bloggers I’ve become  a fan of.

Sinister Dark Soul: He has this haunting prose that has the ability to stretch you. Content warning. He goes to places you might not be ready for. The trick is how he eases you into those places. His “Clocktower” series is definitely worth a read.  His prose style makes his posts quick to read.

J.R. HandleyIt’s cool to see people I know become successful. His books The Legion Awakes and Fortress Beta City are doing very well. It’s all the sweeter because my good friend Quintessential Editor edited those books. J.R.’s blog is evolving, and I like where it’s going. It has interviews, world building tips and some marketing advice.

J.J. Azar: J.J. has been one of my biggest supporters of late. His blog has a charm and class that just jumps off the page. He posts update on his projects and even did a Q & A that was fun to watch.

Red String Papercuts: Steve over at that blog has become such a valued mentor to me. His posts on marketing are invaluable. I can’t tell you how helpful they are. Factor in Jessie’s prose and poetry and you have a dynamic site worth visiting.

Rough and Ready Fiction: Jenn Moss is a wonderful person. I read and reviewed her book “The Horned Gate.” Her web serials are fun to read. She also does tarot card posts that are fascinating.

thank-you-1606941_960_720I really could go on all day. I try to visit at least three of these (or a few others) each day, rotating to try and stay up to date (Got to give a shout out to Idiot in Tin Foil). They’re just fantastic and incredibly supportive. I’m grateful to all of you followers. I hope to continue to provide you with posts that motivate, inform, and educate you.

With that said, I’d like to ask your thoughts.  What do you look for most from my posts? What do you want to see more of?

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21 thoughts on “200 followers!

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Personally, I like everything you’re doing.regards your blog. I feel involved in Caught and can’t wait for the book (which reminds me, I must pre-order) and your other posts are informative and educational. You’re always an enjoyable read. Keep it up!

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    1. Of course! I love your vignettes. They give me something quick to read that keeps me thinking. Plus, short fiction isn’t something I’m so good at, so I learn from it. I appreciate the preorder and hope you enjoy the book. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. Here’s to another year of great blogging from each of us!

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    1. Thanks Jenn! I’m honored you’re liking Bob so far. I hope it’s good through the last page! I’m glad to have met you. Your serials are interesting, and your series on tarot cards are cool too! Thanks for stopping by.

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  2. Mate, reading your blog has been a real pleasure. You have a clean, honest style which I appreciate. In terms of what I would like to see more of, I haven’t a single recommendation! Just keep doing you, as I’m sure you will (I find your analysis posts to be particularly enjoyable, if that helps). I intend to spend a month reading works by fellow bloggers soon, and Bob Drifter is at the top of the list. In time, I will get to it, and I will be sure to share my thoughts.

    Thank you for the mention as well. I had to do a double take. I’m amazed that anyone would bother to share my blog with such kind words attached. Congrats on 200!

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    1. Oh don’t even worry about it, J.J. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for reading and for the input. I’m also over the moon to hear you’re going to read Bob Drifter. It means a lot. Looking forward to more communication and discussion.

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  3. Wow, truly I’m honored! I hope Caught kicks some literary arse in the rankings and we get to argue about whether the screen adaptation was legit. Love the cover conversations as well, would enjoy more of that. Maybe an analysis of why each cover was picked by you? Or a review of the winners of each bracket?

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    1. When I name the winner, I’ll post the original reason why I selected that as a cover of the day. I’ll also describe what I saw in the image that I felt worked. That way, people can see what I originally thought of it (from FB) and some more detailed analysis. I like your blog J.R. It’s evolving still into something even better. Glad the Legion is doing well, and I’m excited for any future products you send our way.

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      1. Thanks! And yeah, I started with a general writing blog where I was a part of the “I’ll follow you if you follow me” crowd. Then I decided to rebrand it from just another writing blog to focusing on what genre I write in. Lost a lot of followers, but I also gained ones who share my passion for spaceships and alien possibilities. Love your blog too by the way and hope CAUGHT sells like hotcakes. Wait, what exactly is a hot cake anyway?

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  4. Congrats on the growing followership! I’ve been away from the blogosphere due to the relocation, but when I get a chance I try to swing by and see what you are getting into. The folks you mentioned are also some of my favorite bloggers — and people. One thing I really enjoy about networking with people here is you build genuine relationships. This has never been more apparent then when I stepped away from the blog for work/moving and started getting emails from some of the outstanding people you’ve mentioned checking in on me.

    Seeing Caught getting ready to hit the stands (and already being pre-ordered) is thrilling! I’m really hoping this new move brings me close enough to attend some of your speaking events and convention shenanigans. Plus, we are about six years overdue for a face-to-face meetup!

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    1. Overdue is an understatement. Yeah, once we get within a few hours, we’ll make that happen. I’m just excited the move is almost over for you. We’ve missed you. We have the lights on, and we can’t wait to have you back.

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