51HTORYAzBL._SX344_BO1,204,203,200_I’ve been working on Perception of War for the better part of two years now (off and on). As I started drafting the first book in that series (Images of Truth), I felt it was necessary to do some research.  The backdrop of this science fiction series pulls from WWII and the Holocaust.  I care about that event. I respect it, so I want to do it justice. I didn’t want to just write.  I took great care in finding unfiltered, personal stories about what Jewish people went through in those days.

Our Crime was Being Jewish by Anthony S. Pitch was exactly that. Where I was afraid I’d be too dramatic or flippant, I learned something horrible.  There simply is not depraved act or inhumane torture I could dream up that’s even on par with what narrators Mark Williams and Fenella Fudge had to retell.

I usually burn through books (especially on audio), but it was just too hard.  Then I heard one of the later records.  A woman called those who don’t listen cowards.  For people to have gone through it, and others to refuse to act as witnesses to those acts so that humanity might never again see such wrongs is selfish, according to the file.

I think speaking further on how this audiobook made me feel would only sound self-indulgent or ignorant. So what I have to say is if you want to really know, to really understand, what those people went through on every level, this book does that. It’s a simple record. Each anecdote is backed up by a specific file number and reference point. I wanted to learn more, and I think this book deserves, maybe even demands, to be read. It’s the history of a people crying out to be remembered.

Williams and Fudge did an amazing job bringing these records to life. History such as this needs to be remembered.

Thanks for reading,



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