Power of Words Cover_FRONTGreetings all,

The deadline for The Power of Words anthology is approaching. I’ve received some submissions, but I don’t have seven, and I’d certainly like more to choose from. So what I thought I’d do is ask a few questions.

How many of you are actively working on a submission? You may email me or even comment below. This is a project I’m truly inspired by, but I’d like to know just how many people are working to participate.

The above question is the one that matters most. If only a few of us are interested, then those who’ve shown interest can discuss the best way to move forward. However, if more of you are interested, there may be some other factors. So, if there are more of you interested …

Will you be able to meet the Nov. 30 deadline, or do you need more time? I want this project to be successful for all related parties. I don’t want to rush anyone; however, I also don’t want to simply work with the “I’ll finish eventually” timeline. So if you do need more time, I guess the next logical question is how much more time do you need?

In my previous update, I wasn’t too worried about the number of submissions because I expected to receive the bulk of the contributions right around this period. Now, as the deadline approaches, I’m concerned that there just might not be that much interest. This is fine. Those of you reading this who are authors might have projects of your own you’re trying to pursue.

That’s why I felt it appropriate to send out a feeler and see what else might be out there. For those of you who have submitted, I promise I’m still hoping to do the anthology. Some who’ve submitted are authors I’ve already learned about through other projects and blogs. That’s amazing!

It’s still my intent to communicate with all who’ve submitted on the way forward. I feel strongly that eight stories is the minimum number for an anthology, but that’s just a personal sense. Regardless, I’ll send word with the situation and options once I learn more from this post and once the deadline passes.

Thanks for reading,


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