This image and that of the author were taken from his website for review purposes.

Spolier Free Summary: Singular by Zack Hubert is a YA novel about a teenage boy who has to stop an artificial intelligence from downloading the minds of humanity into a computer. What’s the catch? Milo Bell is nowhere near a normal teenager. With the help of his AI friend and loyal AI dog, he faces an army of avatars and a computer program determined to end humanity as we know it to save humanity.  This was my April Book Cover of the Month winner. If you want to see an interview from the artist, just click here.


Character:  I have to be honest. YA usually relies on its main character, and Milo didn’t connect with me. The premise for the story was awesome, and the plot points were interesting, but I think Hubert missed an opportunity with Milo’s circumstances. I expect a degree of convenience in YA books; it’s simply unavoidable, but while Milo faces conflict, I don’t know how much he grows as a result of those struggles. He changes, but that’s not the same as growth. I might be being unfair here as the story I thought this could have been wasn’t the story it turned out to be, but, as a reader, I feel I have that right. Now, if readers can learn Milo’s secret, and not have an issue with some of his actions, then they’ll wonder what my ever-loving problem was. I think that’s the test for readers. When they learn Milo’s secret, can they accept how he reacts to it? I couldn’t.

Another note on character. This book oddly switched points of view. It wouldn’t have been hard to understand if it was consistent, but somewhere around the halfway point, we get these new characters. The reasoning made sense. Readers needed to know how the rest of humanity was responding. I just wanted those characters to have a role through the whole book.

Description: This was solid. Again, Hubert had a crystal clear view of this world, its technology, and how the events would affect those locations. He gave me what I needed to see and let my imagination do the rest.

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