Greetings all,

Last week, I had the chance to attend the first convention on my 2018 tour. I just wanted to share the pictures I grabbed of some of the amazing cosplay I saw. It was a fun event. It was far smaller, and events in DC and Baltimore at the time added a challenge. I did manage to sell a few books. One reader (Hi Sierra!), bought The Journals of Bob Drifter on Saturday. Sunday afternoon she approached me to playfully berate me for certain sad things that happened in the book. She’d already gotten halfway through it in a single day. You can’t put a price tag on that kind of feeling.

So the weekend became more about talking to cool people and getting some nice pictures.  So, without further delay, check them out!


This was probably the most detailed and elaborate cosplay I found.  Well, maybe not the MOST in the convention, but it was one of my favorites.


  1. Naruto is awesome.
  2. Hinata was always underrated.



Red hair is one of the most attractive qualities I can think of, so I’m partial to Brave and The Little Mermaid.  So when I saw this excellent cosplay, I asked for a picture and behaved myself.



I was a fan of the Hercules and Zena series. I honestly kind of miss them. So any time I see the cosplay, I feel a ton of nostalgia.



This was actually an original, custom made outfit. I was so impressed, I asked for a photo.  She was also kind enough to buy a copy of my book!



This was the first all-out cosplay I saw. The detail was amazing.



There are those who feel Boba Fett was overplayed. I am not among them. So any Mandalorian is cool in my book.



  1. Naruto is awesome!
  2. I knew who Tobi was right away, I can can identify a witness to that prediction.



I might go so far as to say The Last Airbender was the best cartoon I’ve ever seen. Such a wonderful, complete, concise story.


It was absolutely fun.  I want to thank everyone I met, every one who stopped to take a photo with me, and everyone who gave a little-known indie author a chance.  Please, if you purchased and read either of my books, no matter what you thought of it, leave  review on Amazon, Goodreads or both. Feedback is invaluable.  Whatever you do, know that I appreciate you. I enjoy meeting you all.

Thanks for reading,


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