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Spolier Free Summary: Nothing Left To Lose by Dan Wells is a horror novel about a young man named John Cleaver. It’s the final book in the John Cleaver series. John has all the traits and desires necessary to be a serial killer. He simply chooses to be better. Lucky of him there are monsters in the world only he can hunt down. Unfortunately for him, his newest target has a reputation: “Run from Rain.” He’s alone. He’s being pursued by the FBI, and he’s facing the most feared creature on the planet.

Character:  John is one of the most compelling characters I’ve ever had the privilege to read about. I still feel strongly that the first three books were a more satisfying story as a whole, but the rest of the books were a fantastic extended look into someone you can’t stop listening too. If you enjoy deep characters with intense conflict, this is the series for you, and read the whole thing.

Portrait of Mr. Wells was taken from his bio-page on his website.

Description: Easy to scan. Nice details. No chunks that slow me down. My kind of pace!

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: Nothing Left To Lose by Dan Wells

  1. A serial killer who chooses to channel his impulses into hunting monsters. That’s a pretty neat concept. On the one hand one might say “he’s a monster”, but knowing that he’s a monster, he’s making the best of his situation, and doing actual good. Certainly an interesting premise. I imagine scenes where he meets “normal” people are very interesting. It may be cliche but I really hope this series features a recurring “partner” who is the “normal person” who both criticizes John Cleaver, and receives some fairly unsettling “would you rather I carved you up” remarks.

    Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll add this to my Good Reads.

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