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AnUnusualOccupationCOVERV1I’m happy to announce that the first part of The Journals of Bob Drifter, An Unusual Occupation, is officially available via Kindle.

I can’t stress this enough! This is not a sequel! I’ve had some people tell me Bob is a bit intimidating to read. The entire story (all three parts) is 133,000 words. Since the story was already in three neat segments, I thought releasing this story by each individual part gave readers a chance to try the story without the commitment of a larger book.

This part is special to me. The first part is basically the original short story I wrote almost twelve years ago. It inspired a fancy idea, which then inspired the complete story.

Occupation is currently 99 cents. It’ll remain that price for two weeks, when it will go up to it’s normal $2.99.  My plan is to release part two in May and part three in August. I have some more exciting news for later on in that year, but I’m still working out some logistics.

I had to get this released now because I’m just about to start the Alpha Draft of Worth of Words.  Things seem to be getting more and more busy in a good way, and I’ll keep you up to date. If you haven’t tried out Bob’s story, I hope you’ll give this segment, 47,000 words, a try. If you’ve read Bob, and you enjoyed it, please consider gifting or recommending this to readers you know. (Also, it’s always a great help when you post a review on Amazon or Goodreads.)

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3 thoughts on “An Unusual Occupation Is Live!

  1. Will you put this on the same project page as the complete book? And will you pull the complete novel? Paperbacks for all of it? And will you redo the audiobook? This has some interesting logistical considerations I would love to read about!

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    1. Took some time to think about this. I’m not pulling the complete novel. I sort of think of it like the parts are individual episodes, and the full novel is the box set. I’ve always seen the book as three distinct, yet closely related, stories. This just gives readers a different way to read the book.

      I’m only doing e-books for the individual parts. Typically, a novel needs to be about 60,000 (some will say 50,000) words to be worth printing. Occupation is the biggest of the three parts, and that’s 47,000 words. So they can get the complete paperback if they wish, or buy the three ebooks if that suits them.

      The audiobook addressed most the issues I had already, and the second edition cleaned up a lot of typos I was tired of seeing. I’ll admit to tweaking a few things in Occupation. But we’re talking typos or word usage things that jumped out at me. Authors do this all the time when releasing new editions of stories. I promise the story and content are all the same.

      As for project page, if you mean on Amazon, no. I did make sure to indicate this was part one just like I did on this post. I felt the subtitle and series indication would be enough to let readers know what’s going on.

      I hope that addresses your concerns. That was my thinking going into it.

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