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Spolier Free Summary: Dawn of War III by Robbie MacNiven is a novel from the Warhammer 40,000 series. A wandering planet approaches the normal universe. A prophecy of a great spear, which can be found on this planet, brings Space Marines, orks,  and eldar into an epic clash. Most want the spear, but a special few realize that spear can never fall into the wrong hands. Even they don’t know what the weapon truly represents. This was my May Book Cover of the Month winner.

Character:  I was at a severe disadvantage jumping in on this book. With so much going on, there wasn’t a lot of character in this book. Don’t get me wrong, there were a ton of characters, but there wasn’t much development. I don’t know how many I can name without help.  To me, this is a sign of a book with weak characters. While I assert any book should strive to help the readers connect with the characters, I do understand that these particular characters have probably already been established. I only finished reading this a few minutes ago as I type this, and I can only name Macha, the eldar. The Space Marine was a real bad ass, but all he did was pretty much Hulk smash through the whole book, which is cool if I’m watching a movie, but it’s not so great in written form. My instincts say 1) fans of the series are going to hate me, and 2) My opinion on this subject would be vastly different if I were to start at the first book in the series.

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Description: This was fantastic. Every action had a level of detail that added something to the scene. This is especially true during the (many, many) fight scenes. Still, I’d say this is MacNiven’s strongest skill.

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: Dawn of War III by Robbie MacNiven

  1. The lack of characterization might not just be from jumping into the middle of the series…that’s kind of just how these books are (loyalist space marines are particularly flat). I usually read one or two Warhammer 40K books per year and they basically exist for the purpose of describing big, violent battles. I found the Warhammer 40K wiki helpful for background to the world/universe-building.

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  2. I played the 40k tabletop game years ago and just recently got into the books. They’re a little heavy for me, even as a fan of the overall universe, so I think your description is totally fair. The sweeping breadth of this universe still astounds me, however, and that keeps me interested.

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