Greetings all,

caught-front-coverJust sharing a review I saw. This review for Caught was possibly the most comprehensive review I’ve ever received. I hope Rachel reads more of my work because her feedback is outstanding. It was detailed and specific. She even noted when her issues were based on personal preference.

Honestly, what made me happiest was that her favorite character was Chris. You see, in the earlier draft, Chris didn’t have much of a role in the story, so it was in the Beta Draft that I noted the problem and tried to make Chris more of his own character. Seeing someone think well of him is validating.

On the other hand, seeing some of what readers notice is more motivating than I’d anticipated. I have a clear list of things to look for in other projects, which is how I’ll improve.

I can’t say how thrilled I am with this review, and any review is always welcome.

Thanks for reading,


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