Greetings all,

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I honestly feel like things are picking up on my blog. I’m seeing steady growth, and it shows in how quickly I’m gaining followers. I have you all to thank for it.

As is usual when I hit a benchmark like this, I’d like to pay it forward by giving a shoutout to my five most-recent followers (as I type this).

Belle.Shelf: This is an eclectic review site, which is something I appreciate. I love fantasy, but a diversified reader is cherished in my opinion because it means, hopefully, I won’t piss her off when I shift gears so much!  The book-review formats are short, quick reads that are fair and honest.

Holy Spirit, You are welcomed here: I haven’t visited this site until I was writing this blog. I read the fist post, an anecdote about someone’s relationship with his/her mom. (I can’t find an “about” page, so I’m still trying to learn more.) What I know is the posts are powerful and motivational.

Boba & Books: This is another review site (most blogs that follow me are). What drew me to this was actually a “rant” review for a fairly well-regarded book.  I don’t tend to use “stars” or “ratings” very much on my blog. I stick to my criteria, but a “rant” here or there probably lends a bit of credibility to a reviewer. It’s harder for me because I usually only read authors I already know I’ll like. But, for someone with a broader reading list, those occasional rants help.

Suzie’s World: Suzie has an eclectic blog. She does music reviews, and I love music, so it’s nice to read about it from time to time. She also posts some original compositions. Check out Starry Night, it’s pretty good.

Fiction No Chaser: I like the layout of this blog. It has the genres right up front, so I can click straight to what I’m most interested in. Jess and Teagan are a fun pair that provides reviews for Fantasy, YA, Paranormal/Urban, and Contemporary books.

meeting-1019875_960_720I want to thank these five bloggers and all the others who’ve decided to keep some sort of track of my antics. I can’t tell you what a blessing you are. I hope my blog is engaging. Please always feel welcome to comment or ask questions as much as you like.

Thanks for reading,




6 thoughts on “600 Followers! Shoutouts to my Newest Followers!

    1. My friend did a great blog about growing followers. I’ll track it down and post it in a reply. I’m honestly just doing what her recommended. Just give me a bit to find that post.


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