Greetings All,

BobsGreatestMistakeI have a few announcements regarding The Journals of Bob Drifter.

The first is that Bob’s Greatest Mistake, the part of Bob’s story is officially available for preorder for only 99 cents. It will remain at that price from today until May 15. It goes live May 1. Once the sale ends, this book will go to its regular $2.99 price.

Once more I want you all to understand this is not a sequel. If you want Bob’s whole story in one fantastic swoop, just click straight to the first link I gave you above. However, if you’re just looking to try a part of the story, you can always try Part One, or even this part.

Speaking of Part One,  that book will be free from April 26-30 in celebration of Part Two’s upcoming release. So you can essentially get 2/3 of Bob’s story for 99 cents on those days.

I’m excited to get another title live on my digital bookshelf, and getting this story out means I can turn my full attention to Repressed and The Power of Words. Both of those books are very close to being ready, and I’m hard at work to keep everything on schedule.

I hope you’re all as motivated as I am by how things are moving. If you haven’t tried Bob’s story, this is a great opportunity. Bob was my first published book, and he’ll always have a special place in my heart. I hope he earns a place in yours as well.

Thanks for reading,


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