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I’m not sure what the recommended rate of growth is, but I feel like I have a ton of momentum, and all of you who follow me and share my posts are to thank for it.

As is usual when I hit a benchmark like this, I’d like to pay it forward by giving a shoutout to my five most-recent followers (as I type this).


Amaysn Reads: Tasha’s page is a review page. Gryffindor though she may be (I’m a Slytherin, and I can’t deny it.), Tasha is a pro-and-con reviewer. See below regarding why I like those. This page is unique because it has mashup reviews. These are quick-hitter reviews on multiple books (usually two of the same genre).  So you can scan these reviews and get a few notes on a few books at once to gain perspective. Then, her followers can determine if they want to try a book out or not.

Gerardo Writes: Gerardo is a writer of YA novels. He currently has two book s out.  He also writes review (which is how he grabbed my attention). His review on Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth caught my eye as I’m thinking about reading more of her work. His review was brief, but I like that he gave frank honesty while insisting on offering a positive comment as well. Those sorts of reviews are pretty valuable to me as I tend to want to get a sense of the good and bad of any book I’m thinking of including on my already-too-long TBR.

Books and Mermaids Reviews: Roubeeni’s blog is essentially just another link to her Goodreads page at the moment, but that’s still a solid sort of blog for lovers of words on paper. She’s reviewed 54 books across a variety of genres. Each of her reviews are at least 100 words, so it’s good, in-depth information.

The Curious Chapter: Kim’s blog is great for book lovers. She gives info on cover reveals, new releases and more. She also, of course, does reviews.  She reviews mostly romance-based stories. Even though that’s not my bag at all, I love the depth of her reviews and the number of ways she provides readers to connect with the authors and their books. She just gives so much content for readers. is a foreign language site. I wanted to him credit as he was my fifth-most-recent follower. It looks like a social media networking site or business networking site. If you read the language (it might be Italian or French maybe), give a look, even if it’s just to tell me what it’s about.

meeting-1019875_960_720Since I couldn’t really tell you much about Randicri, I wanted to give you five descriptions of blogs on which I could speak intelligently.

Eva Newermann: Eva’s a Norwegian artist and writer. She has two books out, but I’m most impressed by her art. She does landscapes with Acrylic paint.  If you like art, check this site out.

I want to thank these six bloggers and all the others who’ve decided to keep some sort of track of my antics. I can’t tell you what a blessing you are. I hope my blog is engaging. Please always feel welcome to comment or ask questions as much as you like.

Thanks for reading,




15 thoughts on “700 Followers! Shout Out To the New Friends!

  1. Wow! Congratulations! Life goals right there!! I’m just starting out, so I’m super honored you stopped by my new blog and very excited to check out yours. Thanks so much and, once again, WHOOT WHOOT on the 700!!

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