51RWebyS42L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Spoiler Free Summary:  In The Hawk, from Posh Bytes by C. Rose, Sparrow is working to recover from an injury to his implant, which makes him a risk to fly. The more he worries over his future, the more he begins to resent the wife who’s only trying to support him. A low moment will test his love, but it will also provide him an opportunity.

Character:  I certainly felt strongly for Sparrow, but the truth is I hated him. I can’t really explain why with out spoilers. He was believable. But he was reactionary in everything he did and mostly incompetent. We do meet Valerian, who I’m a huge fan of in each of the stories she makes an appearance.

Exposition: I’ve already noted this is a weaker spot for Rose, but it’s not something that drags the story down.

Worldbuilding: The stage set in Eye of the Beholder builds with this story. Club Lush, the central location in Beholder, becomes a link between stories and a lunch point for this tale in particular. These little Easter eggs are why I’m so pleased by the anthology.

C.-Rose-276x300Dialogue:  If I’m being honest, this got a little uncharacteristic from time to time. Some of it was more forced than it may have had to have been. It wasn’t terrible or even bad, but there were scenes where I felt like I was being force fed information.

Description:  This story wasn’t as visual as Beholder or any of the other stories. It was more a character drama than the others. It still touches all the senses, but it’s not as visceral as it’s brothers and sisters.

Overall:  This is probably my least favorite story in the anthology, so I want to be sure you all understand that these comments are strictly related to this individual tale. Even assuming this is the least of the stories (as you’ll see), it’s still a relatively powerful story that I assure you will yank at your emotions. Some of you will be happy about the ending; others will hate it for the way it ends. Though not the best story, it still holds up in quality with the others in Posh Bytes.

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