Book Review: Jon Archer: A Comedy by J.B. Taylor

Cover image of Jon Archer was taken from it’s Amazon buy page.

Spoiler Free Summary:  In Jon Archer: A Comedy by J.B. Taylor, Jon is a man trying to get home to sleep when he ends up on a most unusual train (among other things). He runs into a talking goat, a British-speaking spider, and a space man. In this chuckle-worthy, ridiculous story, the eclectic cast of characters works together so they can each find their way home.

Character: This isn’t the sort of story you read for deep character arc. Jon isn’t an emotional guy. He’s just a poor bastard who gets thrown in a blender of circumstance. His reactions to the ridiculousness of the situation is one of the main things I found funny.

Exposition: Surprisingly for a story this short (I think it was about an hour), there is some exposition front-loaded into the story. The narrator (I listen to this on audible) uses the opportunity to let his tone of voice deliver the humor. He doesn’t break the fourth wall, but he does make sure the reader knows right up front that this story is pure fun.  Some of the timing is a bit off (the timing of the jokes), but after the first scene, things take off in a hurry.

Worldbuilding: I have to admit, this didn’t make any sense. I don’t think it was supposed to though. Readers of this story (or listeners) need to just sit down, and be ready to enjoy some nonsensical fun.

Image of Mr. Taylor taken from his Amazon author page.

Dialogue: This is my favorite part of the story.  That talking goat is freaking hilarious! I sort of wish I could have watched this for dinner theater just for this part. I don’t think it’s near the level of Abbott and Costello, but this story has that sort of vibe.

Description:  When I initially thought of this, I didn’t really give it much thought, but then I considered how vivid this story is in my mind even after nearly two months. I can describe several scenes. This, to me, indicates perfect description. I wouldn’t expect any readers to see it right away, but any story in which I can mentally picture scenes has good description in my book.

Overall:  This is a short read with several laugh-out-loud moments. It’s complete nonsense, but in a good way. It feels like a tangent portion of a Family Guy episode. If you have a quick drive planned, and you like some silly laughs, try out this story.

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