51T3zOu2KEL._SL500_I picked up Saved Without a Doubt by John MacArthur immediately after finishing Found: God’s Will. What I appreciated most about both books is not just their Biblical basis, but the explanation of those passages and why they apply the way they do.

Saved offers readers two things: A test to determine if you are indeed saved, and assurance that if you are, your salvation is assured forever.

Both were incredibly important to me.

One of my biggest struggles in my walk with Christ is that I’m full of questions. What if? Why? How? What if is the biggest question. I’ve known a great many people who claimed to be Christian. Only their actions don’t have any adherence to Biblical guidance, and they constantly glorify themselves over God.

So my natural inclination is to wonder. If I were really saved, wouldn’t I be as self-righteous and judgmental as “those people.”

It’s here that I have to make sure you understand that I am Christian. I can’t know the hearts of other men. But what this book provided me was a way to ensure I’m saved by testing myself against Biblical ideals. I’ve come to learn that people can say and do whatever they want. God knows the hearts of man, and it’s his place to judge. What I needed to explain was my fear that if I pursued a closer relationship with Jesus, I’d start acting more like people who frightened me, even terrified me when I was a child.

The thing is, the saved, those who are truly saved, act more like Christ. And those who are truly interested in knowing how Christ acted should simply read the Gospels. Even for intellectual edification, that would at least provide a basis for understanding.

Portrait taken from Dr. MacArthur’s bio page on the Grace to You website. Image used for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine.¬†

MacArthur does a fantastic job of being honest without being hateful. He doesn’t insult or demean; he simply checks actions and comments against The Bible.

With all that said, this book comforted me. The most important thing I learned from it is that just because I have such a long way to go, doesn’t mean I’m not on the right path. The greatest temptation I feel is the thought of, “You’ll never be ‘good,’ so why try? Why not just give in because you already know you fall short of Jesus and the Glory of God?”

I don’t know about you all, but that line of thought had a powerful hold on me for a long time. This book provides ways to check one’s self, encouragement in the faith, and things to watch out for when that faith is challenged.

I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in becoming Christian as well as Christians who are interested in a Biblical checklist for assurance.

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