510QAdWwRNLSpolier Free Summary: Butch and Sundance by Peter Cawdron is the first story in the Four Horsemen anthology, For a Few Credits More.

Manning is a bounty hunter on what seems to be a routine job until everyone else starts shooting at him.  Just what does his bounty have or know that has guilds and assassins alike chasing him. The truth sets him on an adventure that would rival any legend of any age.

Character:  Manning reminds me of Roger Murtaugh from Lethal Weapon. He has some depth for a story this short, and that’s always nice to see. He was a strong enough character to keep me turning the pages. He was sympathetic and proactive, and as long as you have characters like that, I’m going to at least enjoy your story.

Image taken from Mr. Weber’s web site for review purposes.

Description: I have to acknowledge it’s been a pretty good while between when I actually read this story and today. I can’t recall the detail. I know it didn’t frustrate or bore me (I’d have remembered that), so I wasn’t buried in useless detail to show off a world I’m not familiar with. I do feel like I would have like a bit more description, but it might just be my opinion on the anthology as a whole more than this individual story.

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