510QAdWwRNLSpolier Free Summary: Where Enemies Sit  by Rob Howell is the first story in the Four Horsemen anthology, For a Few Credits More.

Frasier MacKenzie is on trial for the death of an entire colony of Saidar, but his hatred for the species isn’t why he killed them all. The trail isn’t to decide his fate; that’s already been determined. Rather the trial is an opportunity to bring to light secrets that must be uncovered.

Character:  This felt a lot like A Few Good Men with a twist in which Jessep’s role is taken by someone who must need to speak that truth. (I feel you should have to watch A Few Good Men to get the reference. I mean, it’s a great movie.)  That said, MacKenzie isn’t the power of presence Jessep was. Then again, if Nicholson played a plaster wall, that wall would be the most interesting wall in history, so perhaps the comparison is unfair. Unfair or not, the plot of this book felt much like AFGM, so it’s fair (in my mind) to compare the characters. The truth is, this piece (while having some action) is far more about the trail in which MacKenzie is forced to only speak.  Being a fan of proactive characters who are sympathetic, putting a character in this situation made it hard to connect. He has his moments, but his actions during the drama of the trail didn’t grab me. However, the end caught me off guard and yanked at my heart strings. That deserves mention. It would be unfair to call MacKenzie boring.  He’s actually very sympathetic.  If you like crime drama or the trial portion of Law and Order, you’d love this story.  Add to that some great action, and you’re really on to something.  That said, trial stories aren’t usually my bag.

Description: This is probably the strength of this story. If I compare the action portion of this story (the sequences between bits of the trial), the action is fast and furious, and the description is just how I like it. Even the scenes of the trial have a perfect balance of detail and movement. I think this is a strength for this author.

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