Selfless Savior

He gave food, so the 5,000 could eat;

He raised up the 12, so that they my spread his word;

The sick he made well, and the broken he made complete

He carried his cross to the end, undeterred.

On the night of his betrayal he washed the Apostles’ feet;

He even cleaned the heels of Judas, who would betray him;

All sinners with love he would greet;

Only a loving Christ could do so and still accept a fate so grim.

He was the king of all kings;

He was the Lord of all Lords;

He could have summoned angels to lift him on their wings;

Instead he chose to die on the cross’ wooden boards.

If we only accept him, we would never die.

We can live forever, and his death and resurrection are the reasons why.


Graciously Giving

Praise our God for his endless giving.

Only he could rain mana from Heaven and purify water.

Let all of his servants rejoice and sing.

All we have is thanks to our Heavenly father.

Solomon asked for only Wisdom,

but God granted him wealth, possessions, and honor also.
His love is boundless, and his power is awesome;

Only from Him do any blessings flow.

He truly is my shepherd, and I shall never want for anything;

I need not worry over what to eat, drink, or wear.

He will give us all things if his commandments we are obeying;

Only seek righteousness first and ask humbly in prayer.

Trust in the Lord, and seek to win his heart.

His greatest gift is his presence, from which the saved are never apart.



He could have burned Adam the moment he ate from the tree;

He could have left Joseph to rot in a cell.

We were born into sin and deserve eternity in Hell.

No act can redeem either you or me.

How many times did his nation, Israel, turn away?

What mortal would be betrayed so many times and still be so giving?

What right do we have to keep on living;

when we stubbornly refuse to obey?

Because of all we’ve done, we have no right,

yet God sent his son to pay the price

His mercy is shown in what he chose not to do.

Those of us born into darkness are saved by one born of light.

Through Jesus we are forgiven every wrong and every vice.

His mercy is shown in that, despite all our sins, his love stays true.


Righteous Ruler

Let us not hope for your leniency

if we do not honor your rule.

Praise your mighty sovereignty.

This Earth is your footstool.

Let all obey you and follow your will;

let us respect your judgments and trust in your ways.

The grace you grant us is our greatest thrill;

let all those on earth worship you all of our days.

Your plans are not for disaster, but for our good;

our hopes are in you, command us however you see fit.

Please let us be good servants and do as we should;

Those who do not accept and obey you shall be cast into the pit.

We submit to your authority; we joyfully serve

our father and king in Heaven, who we do not deserve.


Thy Will

Let it be done; let all things be as you design;

let everything we do be well done and pleasing.

In our hearts as an altar, let your will be enshrined;

let the delight we have to serve you be unceasing.

Please take away our pride, which could rebel against your desires,

and grant us faith in your loving grace, which is without end.

Let us keep that faith through all that transpires,

for there is no wrong you can’t right or ill you can’t mend.

We are not resigned to your direction,

nor are we faithless in our prayers.

Rather, we take pride in our subjection,

and surrender to you our cares.

In you we place all our trust,

for you are our righteous father, who is never unjust.


Remember to Glorify

We turn to you when our hearts are aching;

we look to you in times of stress.

We bow before you when our hearts are breaking;

we fall to our knees when those over us oppress.

We glorify your name when you offer us deliverance;

we praise your might when you remove us from harm.

We offer thanks when our suffering is held in abeyance;

we sing of your might when our enemies you disarm.

But let us also praise you when we have plenty;

let us not forget you when our bellies, hearts, and wallets are stuffed.

Let us be ever humbled by every morsel, ounce, and penny.

Let us remember to praise you lest you feel rebuffed.

We will always call on you, our God, when our hearts are overcome with sadness;

but let us never forget to also praise you when we are filled with happiness.


He Is

He is great and abundant in might;

He is infinite in his understanding.

He is our ruler above, so let us do as he is commanding.

He is loving, just, and right.

He is sovereign, magnificent, majestic, and glorious;

He showers gracious love to those who take refuge in his power.

Before him, his enemies tremble and cower;

Those whom He is with are always victorious.

He is long in suffering and thinks no evil; he is love

He is gracious and rich in faithful truth;

He is, he is, merciful and strong!

He is the Lord of all, and he reigns from above;

He is the ruler of every man, woman, and youth.

He is flawless and perfect, and he is never wrong.


The Pattern

Let us glorify you, our Father, and let your name be honored by each and every one,

for we, your servants, await  for your kingdom to appear.

Let us serve you and do as you command, and let all that you wish be done;

As above so below, let what is there be so here.

Praise you, Lord, and grant us all that we need,

and forgive us for the things we have done.

We offer forgiveness to those who have wronged us by inaction or deed,

and help us see, so that we might avoid any temptation.

Deliver us from the devil and our own sinful disposition,

for you reign in glory from now until forever.

Let us kneel before you in humble submission

from life until death without fail whatsoever.

Let us honor you and offer supplications in the night and in the day,

let us seek first your kingdom and righteousness because this is how we pray.


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