Hey all,

Caught_ACX_CoverI’m so thrilled to announce that Caught, narrated by Shawn Compton, is officially available on Audible.

To celebrate, I have 25 free copies of this version, so if you like audio books, free stuff, and horror, feel free to send me an email.

Shawn did an amazing job. I was super picky about the narrator I wanted for this story, and Shawn simply nailed Caden. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that Caden is simply a huge challenge to pull of, and Shawn did it. I’m so lucky to be working on this project with him.

I’m always overjoyed to hear my characters come to life. I love audio books. The let me re-read stories so I can catch up before the next book in the series comes out (looks at Brandon Sanderson). They also let me basically double my reading pace on the drive to work.

I hope you’ll decide to give this book a try. You can use one of your codes, or you can even start and Audible account today and get a free copy of any book (it’s just mine’s better for the season). Of course, you can also just email me and ask for one of the copies I have. The first 25 to ask win.

Thanks for reading,


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