Only Through Him

It was He who came down to teach and call sinners to repent,

and it was He who willingly took all of our transgressions.

He ministered to us and taught us great lessons,

and through His sacrifice, the price for our sins was spent.

He is the way, and the truth, and the life,

and those who love him are saved.

He freed us from our sins, to which, before Him, we were enslaved.

How could they not know you, Jesus? How cold they offer such strife?

We can not reach the Father in any other way.

We can not earn salvation by any thing we do.

Without you to speak for us, our spirt and body will decay.

Only because of your sacrifice, we are made anew.

Keep us with you, Lord; please don’t let us stray.

The only path to Heaven, Jesus, is faith and believe in you.


What Happens When We Are Weak

His power is made perfect.

The Spirt gives us aid.

The grace He provides to His elect

is sufficient for me, so I am unafraid.

Now let us boast about our weakness;

Let us be content in all situations.

For He who can cure blindness

can surely remove all frustrations.

He is my life, and He is my power.

When I am weak, then I am strong.

When He is with me, I need not cower,

Nor need any whom to him they belong.

He is all in life we ever need.

We are more than conquerors through him, indeed.



You forgive us when we do wrong,

only for us to hurt you again.

How much pain have you taken for the likes of men

even though we’ve been sinners all along?

There is nothing in us that is good

even though our hearts desire to do your will.

How is it you forgive us still

even though we’re incapable of doing what we should?

Your grace and love are boundless.

Your mercy is without end.

You give it all to those who don’t deserve you.

That you are great is doubtless,

so on You alone we depend.

Please help us love how You love, forgive how You forgive, and do as You do.


Without Comparison

What is man beside He who created the universe?

What claims can man make to the face of He who hung the sun?

There is nothing man can say to bargain or coerce;

there is no feat to undertake and no deed to be done.

His very name is holy, and we were born into sin.

He is upright in all of his judgments.

Just what do we imagine we could do to win

the slightest amount of pride or any compliments?

Indeed, we all fall short of His glory.

Our redemption is through His son.

Therefore belief in Jesus is obligatory

because righteousness is given, not won.

Do not seek the self to save.

Instead trust in Him whom God rose from the Grave.



Only say so, and it shall be.

For the commander says go there, and the soldiers go.

If He says, “Open your eyes,” the one to whom He spoke shall see.

He can cast down what was high, and lift up what was low.

His words were power, for He spoke with the authority of the Father.

Blessed are any who obey.

Heed his instruction, and listen to no other,

walk in his path, and do not allow yourself to stray.

The paralyzed stood when He said stand,

and the dead woke when He said rise.

Even the ocean in the storm complied with his demand.

He who believes in Him never dies.

Obey the commander just as all these other things.

Listen to He who rules, and enjoy the life that obedience brings.


Lift Us Up If We Fall

He stepped upon the surface of the sea;

His feet were as steady as on dry land.

Through the wind and waves, His disciples saw firsthand

a figure walking toward them and felt the urge to flee.

But one among them asked to join the master,

and the Lord bade his servant to come.

Only steps did Peter travel before to doubt he did succumb;

Jesus pulled him up and kept him from disaster.

Lift us up, oh Lord, if we begin to sink,

and forgive us the doubts that cause us to fall.

Even if we should slide past the brink,

please save us from the squall.

If we find a fear and then begin to shrink,

let us have faith that you raise all of those whom you call.


Your Holy Instructions

Let us act as you have instructed;

Let us do as we should.

Let us honor the house into which we were inducted

by abhorring evil and holding fast to all things good.

Let us give affection to all of our brothers

and show honor to all.

Let us have zeal and serve you above any others,

and give help and hospitality to any saints who call.

Let us not seek revenge, but instead act with compassion,

for vengeance and wrath are yours and yours alone.

Instead, let us present ourselves in a giving fashion,

for only with good can evil be overthrown.

Let us exemplify these Christian actions with every breath we take,

so that we may live not for ourselves, but only your sake.

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