510QAdWwRNLSpoiler Free Summary: Emancipation  by Mark Wandrey is the seventh story in the Four Horsemen anthology, For a Few Credits More.  Jim Cartwright leads a team of CASPers tasked with taking down a group of slavers set on using or even killing 400 Aku, an alien race Jim means to keep alive. Can Jim take down the slavers without harming the slaves? What happens if those who paid his team aren’t interested in the collateral damage?


Character:  I like Jim.  He’s a classic white-hat with strong morals much like Captain America. I think characters with depth and flaws are great, but it’s nice to see a good ol’ fashioned good guy once in a while. The other characters in this story contribute to the feeling as well. Most of these characters are charming.  The villains might be a tad 1980s (bad slavers who just do bad), but I don’t mind so much, especially considering Jim.

Image of Wandrey taken from his website for review purposes under fair use doctrine.

Description: I actually think this was the strongest aspect of this story.  Wandrey’s story felt like I was there, and that doesn’t happen much with me. Great little details to add a visceral feel combined with subtle adjectives when the pace was fast. Scifi tends to drag the reader down with details and description. Wandrey has that part figured out.

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