ThePowerofWordsGreetings all,

As promised, I’m sharing the reviews that The Power of Words is getting. I’m happy with what I’ve heard so far.

We have one five-star review from Woody, who called it a dynamic, compelling collection.

We have another five-star review from Grady Harp of The San Francisco Review of Books. Honestly, this was just so wonderful to have a book review site that doesn’t charge and didn’t get any money say such great things about.  Grady himself is a top contributor and a Hall of Fame Top 50 Reviewer. To have someone with that sort of reputation call the anthology ingeniously crafted is just such an honor.

I’m always happy for reviews, and these are just more blessings for which I thank God and of course those who took the time to write the review.

I still have free Audible versions of both The Power of Words and Caught, and if you’d like one (or both), just shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading,



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