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So apparently getting married is time consuming. Who knew? My post is a tad late, and I blame Freddie Mercury. We just saw the movie, and I enjoyed it. It’s a great mix of biography and musical fun. I’m pretty sure Julie and I sang through the last half of the movie. (No one complained. They might have been singing along.  I honestly couldn’t tell.) The movie felt raw. I don’t feel as though it held back. It wasn’t the tribute to homosexuality some may argue it was, nor did it ignore that part of Mercury’s life. I read one review that said it was more about the band than Mercury; that’s false. This is absolutely a Mercury biography, only it focused much more on the creation of his music than it did his lifestyle choices.  I enjoyed the music as I always have.

The thing is though, I love pretty much ANY movie that has anything to do with music. So when I got home and suddenly realized I’m supposed to post today, I couldn’t think of anything better than my top 5 list of best music themed movies.

This is, of course, my list. You’re free to comment, offer your own list, tell me what you think of mine, or all of the above.

#5 Eddie and the Cruisers 2:  So, the first thing I’m going to tell you is that I love hero moments. There’s nothing better than when you’re watching a movie, and you want to jump out of your seat and shout, and all of these movies have it. You might not have heard of Eddie and the Cruisers, much less it’s sequel Eddie Lives, but it’s the first movie I can remember watching that was about a band trying to make it. It might not be that good a movie. I haven’t seen it since I was a kid, but I can still probably sing at least two songs, and I love the scene where he says, “…and I’m Eddie Wilson!” Then the fans chant his name.

The movie stars Wilson, who had faked his death and tried to live obscurely, writing music, looking for the perfect sound. Along comes a young rocker who convinces Wilson to Jam with him. Before he knows it, he’s leading a band. There are a lot of great quotes here, my favorite is: “I want music someone can wrap around themselves like a warm blanket.” This is true of what I like in my music. Songs that stick with you and warm you up no matter what.

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#4 Coyote Ugly: Yes, you read that right. Remember what I said about hero moment? First of, come on, Piper Perabo is as talented as she is beautiful, and her portrayal of a shy girl finding her chance to shine is fantastic. Yes, pretty women doing alluring things might have got a young man to sit down in front of the TV, but the songs and the creation of music is what kept me watching. Also, she’s a writer/performer in the show, and that’s just awesome!

#3 Bandslam: If I feel down. If I feel cast off or sad, I watch this movie. Frankly, everything about this movie is touching and powerful. It might be one of the better coming of age movies of all time as well. (Go ahead, @me on this!) All of these movies have a great hero moment, but this one is the best. This young man takes his most shaming part of his life, and, in the heat of a moment, turns it into a cry of victory.

#2 August Rush: If you watch this, and you don’t cry at the end, you have no soul.  So, I probably like this more because it’s about a kid, and I have a soft spot for kids finding their families again. But even if you just watch it for the music, you see the heart of what makes music wonderful. It’s organic. It’s alive, and to those who are blessed, it calls out to you. The love story is amazing. The journey to knowledge is wonderful. The music is electric.

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#1 Mr. Holland’s Opus: I’ve mentioned you may share your list with me, but any list that doesn’t have this as number one is wrong. (Again,  go ahead, @me on this!) This movie has everything: A great hero moment, wonderful music, the struggles of the passion of music, love, family, and one of the best musical histories you could ever ask for. I don’t know that it has the best of any of those categories, but it absolutely is the only movie I’ve ever seen that has them all.

So that’s my list? What do you think? What does your list look like?

Thanks for reading


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