Cover of this book was taken from Amazon for review purposes under Fair Use Doctrine. 

Spoiler Free Summary: Night Stalker by TR.L. Weeks was my 2017 September Book Cover of the Month. Casey is a young woman who’s husband died. She’s haunted by reoccurring nightmares in which a stranger inflicts great pain upon her. One day, she rediscovers that not only is the man of her nightmares real, but he’s working against her supernaturally resurrected dead husband, who now only seeks pleasure in the suffering of mortals.

Character:  Casey is actually pretty proactive, but that’s what bothers me. She’s too quick to swoon and too quick to accept things for my taste. She also seems incredibly naive, and while that would be okay if that was her character arch in which she grew more discerning, but that’s not the plot. Rather than let the conflict of her clashing worlds drive the story in interesting directions, the character is forced along, which makes her feel hard to believe.

rl weeks
Title image for R.L. Weeks taken from her Amazon Page for review puroposes under Fair Use Doctrine.

Description: This was well done. I got the imagery I needed without bogging the story down. It had a decent mix of detail and room for imagination.

I don’t typically give reviews like this. Most stories always have something that I can cling to and study. I don’t ever want to bash, and I hope I stopped before I got to “bashing status.”  This last section is simply me explaining that even this story deserves a chance if you’re in the writers’ audience. Please don’t let my own biases affect your willingness to give a story a try. No, I didn’t enjoy this story much, but yo might, and I’d like to hear why.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Night Stalker by R.L. Weeks

  1. Good review ; it didn’t come across to me as ‘bashing’ you have a very balanced view of what you did not care for. I might even try reading it, but, you convinced me, I won’t try the audio!

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    1. I’m glad you’re trying it, and I’m equally glad you won’t try the audio version. Very poor quality on that. It’s important that people try books. I’d hate for a bad review (or a good review) for that matter to falsely sway someone away from something. Sure, if I believe in my heart that a friend will like a book, I’ll recommend it (or just buy it and gift it to him). But other than that, I’m just a guy with an opinion. Literally every guy on earth can have one of those.


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