The Most Frightening

They speak with conviction;

they act with determination,

but their hearts are driven by self-satisfaction

not by any Godly devotion.

They’re convinced they know right;

they’re committed to their cause.

They gnash their teeth and fight,

and satisfy themselves pointing out others’ flaws.

They convict others

but never look within.

They’d persecute their brothers

without once looking inside themselves for sin.

The most frightening thing a man could be,

is someone self-righteous and willfully ignorant of his own misdeeds.



I can never reach Him,

but I can strive to get closer.

My heart longs to be near Him,

but I need His grace to get nearer.

Yesterday, I was infinitely far away.

Today, I still have an infinite distance to go.

But if I look at the difference between yesterday and today,

please let me see that I did indeed grow.

I was a sinner then;

I am a sinner now.

But if I look at my self again,

please let me see that I’ve born fruit somehow.

Let me be closer to You.

Inch by inch, day by day, closer to You.


For All

What use is anyone’s praise,

if people don’t understand who they wish to glorify.

Any unintelligible phrase,

simply makes worship hard to identify.

Let our words build up;

let other believers respond in kind.

Let us all drink from the same spiritual cup.

Do not force those who wouldn’t understand to remain blind.

Rather than self-serving demonstrations,

let believers share in the truth.

Let us be clear in our conversations,

ensuring believers understand each word that comes from your mouth.

Let every believer hear and recall

that God’s truth was meant for all.


It Isn’t Mine

It isn’t mine to punish those who wrong me.

It isn’t mine to seek justice when I’ve been harmed.

Each will receive his reward, even if I can’t see.

All sin and are punished for the deeds they performed.

Why should I seek to punish when I myself am guilty?

Why do I continue to place my sin below others?

Why do I seek to act without pity,

unless it is I who wrong another?

There is only one judge.

He possesses the authority.

If one chooses to hold his grudge,

he places his will over the LORD’s sovereignty.

Vengeance isn’t ours to repay

It belongs to our God, to whom we pray.


What Right Do We Have

If we praise God for forgiveness,

why can we not forgive?

Our God is a God of righteousness,

If we receive his mercy, why shouldn’t we give?

Why hold on to anger

when someone else offends.

Anger is the same as murder

in the eyes of God, on whom we depend.

Did he forgive our sins

because ours are lesser?

Realize that he, through Christ, forgave our sins,

for none are truly more minor or greater.

If we ask forgiveness for the evil we have sown.

what right do we have to withhold our own?



I should not worship TV or games,

but I do.

I should not worship my time or acclaim,

but I do.

I should not put the highest value on money or ambition,

but I do.

I should not put the highest value on success or promotion,

but I do.

Hear my sorrow;

please slay these idols.

It’s you I wish to follow;

please take control.

Be the ruler of my existence,

for I can’t turn away without your assistance.


The New Body

A seed is planted into the earth.

What is raised is something new.

Those saints who die receive a second birth,

for what was planted came to life, and then it grew.

We are sown perishable;

We are sown in a natural body;

We are raised imperishable.

We are raised in a spiritual body.

We are sown in weakness

but raised in glory.

We can praise with gladness

because we know Jesus’ story.

First is the life that is natural;

then will come the body that is spiritual.


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