What is it you value most?

Is it a thing or a person?

What would you give to come even close

to the prize you most desire to have won?

Would you sell everything?

Would you trade anything?

What amount of gifts or money would you bring

to have that one person or thing?

We can’t comprehend how great it is

to know Jesus in our hearts?

If we knew how great it was to be His,

we would offer everything we have before bidding even starts.

Knowing him is of surpassing worth,

and when we see that, we’ll be willing to let go of everything else on Earth.


A Glimpse of Humanity

Though the waves crashed, and the storm swelled,

Our savior slept.

“Save us,” the disciples yelled.

They thought to wake Jesus, lest into the sea, they’d be swept.

Their faith was small.

Their fear was great.

No ocean squall

could alter Christ’s fate.

They feared for their lives.

So they sought to wake Him.

They had no concern for the rest their anxiousness deprived.

They only wanted Him to save them.

How weary would he have to have been

to be able to sleep through a storm so grim?


He Sees

The secrets one doesn’t tell.

The desires a man buries deep.

The Son of Man knows full well

every promise one fails to keep.

The hypocrisy of one.

The honesty of another.

The reasons a man’s deeds are done.

The Son of Man knows these things as no other.

He can tell us all things.

He can reveal the truth.

To attain the peace he brings

is to let go the ignorance of youth.

Embrace the Savior of the world

before whom the truth of all things are unfurled.


An End to Hunger

Bread can only do so much.

Eventually it passes, and man must eat again.

There is something greater, which hunger can not touch.

It can take away the hunger of men.

Do not reject Him.

Do not ask Him to prove himself.

Instead, believe in Him,

and receive through Him spiritual health.

With Him you will never hunger.

With Him you will never thirst.

Do not delay any longer.

Instead choose to place Him first.

All one needs is to turn from his sinful life,

and accept Him, who is the bread of life.


Striving for Wisdom

Grant me King Solomon’s gift.

Let me fear you, for that is the beginning.

Help me number my days, be they long or swift.

Help me seek your word, lest I keep on sinning.

Your wisdom is pure and peaceable,

merciful, and full of good fruits.

It is impartial, sincere, and reasonable.

I would count myself blessed if I had just one of these attributes.

Should I ever convince myself I am wise,

make me a fool.

Should the pride in my heart rise,

humble me, so I might submit to your rule.

I seek your wisdom and instruction,

for my wisdom leads only to destruction.


Humble Me

Humble me, Lord, if I grow conceited.

Humble me, lest I be disgraced.

Unless the pride in me is defeated,

all my effort to know you better is a waste.

My pride is great, but it will bring me low,

Deliver unto me a lowly spirit.

The need for humility is something I know.

My pride tempts me, but I no longer want to hear it.

Honor follows humility,

but I get lost in the desire for earthly praise.

Your grace can give me the ability,

to repent and change my ways.

Please accept my sincere confession

and help me, Lord, to embrace your correction.



She came to the well to drink

and found Him sitting there.

He asked for some water, and she was shocked to think

that a Jew would ask a Samaritan to share.

He taught her about the living water,

which could remove her thirst.

He was greater than Jacob, their father,

and she came to see this as they conversed.

He told her all things,

he knew all she had done.

Many Samaritans came to hear the truth he brings

because this woman found them and told them to come.

She knew the time of the Messiah would come to be.

When she told him, he replied, “I who speak to you am he.”

2 thoughts on “Sonnets For My Savior 24

    1. Thank you for the link! I think a lot of people are focused on fear now, and I understand that. But in our fear, we have a Savior we can turn to, a great high priest who has face temptation and yet did not sin. Anything that encourages us to to turn to Him is good.


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