(NOTE: Why two MacArthur books in a row? It was just next on the list. You can go to my Goodreads page to see what’s coming up. I’m honestly happy to have quite a back-log of reviews coming, but (outside of special circumstances) I read books in the order I have them on my TBR (my Christian books are read based on when I finish the previous book) and I review them in the same order they appear on my “Read” bookshelf.

The cover for this book was taken form its Amazon page for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine. 

The Book on Leadership by John MacArthur was a book I chose because I’m heavily invested in leadership.  As a Sailor, I truly wanted to see others succeed. As an instructor, I wanted it all the more. Great leaders are honestly rare. I’m not laying claim to that title because leaders are proven worthy by the growth and development of those they lead. I have seen some amazing leaders, and I’ve seen people I didn’t think were effective leaders at all. This book gave me the chance to look at leadership through a biblical perspective.

After reading Twelve Ordinary Men (TOM) and the Bible as a whole, I was a bit surprised at the passages MacArthur chose to look at. I expected Jesus or maybe Peter. Instead, MacArthur looks at two passages featuring Paul.  I don’t know MacArthur personally, but if I had to guess, I’d assume he did this because through TOM we already saw Christ’s leadership and Peter’s natural leadership traits. Paul was the new area to investigates.

Image of John MacArthur taken from his website for review purposes.

I can’t exactly remember how many leadership traits MacArthur covers (which means perhaps it’s time to read this again), but I know he covers them in numerical order. A lot of the traits he discusses are accompanied by Biblical examples of how Paul demonstrated those traits, which I found helpful.

A number of the traits he covers are traits I had already sought out. Some surprised me (though again, it’s been so long I can’t recall them).  But the valuable part of this book was establishing good leadership traits and observing them applied through the Apostle Paul. The memory that sticks out for me the most was how Paul handles what most would consider their “I told you so,” moment. This is a moment I’ve been guilty of several times  in my life.

If I were still enlisted, I’d give a copy of this book to any of my Sailors who became petty officers. I’d also give copies to chiefs.  It’s just full of applicable, actionable guidance for people who want to be leaders.

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