Greetings all,

CoverLayoutRepressed just got a five-star review! I’m always stoked when I get to share reviews, and the fact that the reader liked the book is an added bonus!

I’ve mentioned a few times that I don’t see myself doing a lot of YA. There are book sin that genre I really love, but some of the tropes I just don’t like much. So when I set out to write Repressed (and Sojourn in Captivity), I wanted to make an effort to stay true to the challenges a young adult (or teenager) faces without falling into some of the routines I didn’t appreciate in other stories.

This review is particularly fulfilling because it mentions and appreciates that I pulled away from some of the more-common plot threads in YA today.

I’m thrilled to see the first review for Repressed is positive, and I hope more keep coming. If you’ve read it, please consider leaving a review. Even if you hated it, I’d appreciate the honest criticism.

Thanks for reading,


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