If you are what you think,

how is it you came to be?

Your own thought can not be the link,

for one cannot make himself to exist by act or decree.

If observation is fact,

how can you exist?

Before birth you naturally lacked,

any method to observe yourself, so that argument must be dismissed.

Reason of man can not be truth

because it cannot explain its own origin.

Observation of man can not be truth

because it cannot take note of its own origin.

God is the place from which these things start,

so worship him with all of you soul, mind, and heart.



Some desire it to glorify themselves.

Others accept it without discernment.

Pray for the one who ignorantly delves

into powers that change or augment.

Power seduces the unsuspecting person.

It tempts a man to trust in his own skill.

That power then becomes a prison,

made because one didn’t wish to follow God’s will.

What magic could one have that is greater

than the of the Lord of all?

Why seek abilities from sources other than our maker,

unless out of rebellion one seeks his inevitable fall?

All other powers eventually fade,

so why not submit to God, from whom all power is made?


For He So Loved Us

He made the sun and the stars,

But he loves us more.

He made the animals and made them ours

Because he loves us more.

He made the moon and the sea,

But he loves us more.

He rose every mountain and planted every tree,

But he loves us more.

He loves us so much he sacrificed his only son

He came down, God in flesh and breath.

Jesus paid the price for our sins, and thus our souls were won.

Any who believe in him shall have everlasting life and never see death.

We are the ones God has done all of this for,

Accept his gift and obey his word so we might love him more.


We Can Be Saved

He was named Paul,

but he called himself the chief of sinners.

He sought to arrest Christ’s followers when he heard our Lord’s call,

for Christ can save misguided persecutors.

He was a criminal being crucified,

who confessed he received the due reward for his every action.

But Jesus told the man before he died,

that the man has truly received salvation.

We are sinners each and every one,

for there is nothing in us that is good,

but Jesus paid for what we’ve done.

Indeed He’s done what no one else could.

We can be forgiven and made better than we have ever been

if we’re only willing to pick up our crosses and follow him.


Trust Him

We put our trust in him with all our hearts.

We know that all things work together for good.

He is in whom all life starts,

and He is in whom our faith has stood.

Go as He says go.

Do as He says to do.

Trust in him because we know

that through I’m we can be made new.

He has plans to give us a future and a hope.

We can trust in Him and be still.

Through him any man can cope

with any situation if he trusts in God’s will.

Trust in Him and His might power,

and all other things will come at the exact right time and the exact right hour.



Through Him, I can do all things.

Through Him, I can endure.

Through Him, men can be made kings.

Through Him, men can be made pure.

He strengthens me;

He saves me;

He cares for me;

He protects me.

He lived for me;

He died for me;

He was raised for me;

He intercedes for me.

Through him, I can survive trials be they simple or tough.

I can do these things because faith in Jesus is enough. 


I Am Amazed

The sun rises, and the sky is painted shades of red,

And I’m amazed at the works You’ve done.

The universe was born of every word You’ve said,

And I’m amazed at the works You’ve done.

I look at the land, and marvel at the trees and grass of green,

And I’m amazed at the Works You’ve done.

For all things happen just as You mean,

And I’m amazed at the works You’ve done.

The stars above shine bright,

And I’m amazed at the Works You’ve done.

You’ve done it all, and it was all done right,

And I’m amazed at the works You’ve done.

You created it all: the stars, the land, and the sun,

And I can’t help but be amazed at the works You’ve done.

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