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41ntTIvrguLI was thinking about what to write about for the blog today and remembered my good friend Corey Truax has a new title available. While I’m still pulling out my hair waiting for his own personal book, he and J.R. Handley worked together again for this new story, which comes in an other anthology. This anthology, Alien Days, is available right now!

Here’s the blurb for the anthology:

Alien Days is a multi-author anthology with thrilling tales of aliens, invasions, artificial intelligence, friendship, deceit and extinction. A combination which makes this collection a must-read for science fiction short story fans.
This anthology features Nebula and Dragon award nominees, Amazon bestsellers and award winners alongside rising stars in the science fiction genre. Let the authors take you on adventures through dystopian worlds and far flung planets that will stretch your imagination… Welcome to Alien Days.

Image of Truax taken from his website for advertising purposes.

I read Corey and J.R.’s last short story in a previous anthology, and I’m excited to have this one on my own TBR pile. J.R. is also a friend, and I’ve read a number of his books. Corey did a blog about this anthology on his page, so you can check that out here.

I can’t say I’ve read any of the work from the other authors, but that’s why I love anthologies so much. They introduce me to authors, and I almost always come away with another author I enjoy reading. I learned about Peter V. Brett from one anthology. I learned about Jake Bible (who I haven’t read more from but intend to) in another.

Anthologies are a fantastic way to get several great stories and meet authors you might not have otherwise heard about. I invite you all to try this one out. I already have my copy.

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5 thoughts on “Alien Days: A Castrum Press Anthology

  1. Thanks for sharing the post, Matt. What I like about anthology writing is that it takes some of the pressure off of me as an individual. I can focus on writing something that I think it fun and enjoyable. If people hate it, that’s unfortunate, BUT, they still have all the other stories to fall back on. Sort of splitting the risk. Regardless, I do hope you and whoever else reads, ‘Am I Alone?’ gets a kick out of it. I really enjoyed writing it.

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      1. I’ve been busy. Having just relocated, AGAIN, to California. Since we’ve been settling in, I’ve been diligently working on a rewrite of Wastelander (the post-apoc story, I THINK you are excited to see).

        I’m being published in another science fiction anthology (a fun, pulp-fiction book) with short story JR Handley and I wrote — and I will also have a solo story in that anthology as well. More on that when the greenlights are given.

        I’ve also been invited and am submitting a short story for a post-apocalypse anthology next month, and hope to have more information to share on that when the publisher provides cover art and release dates. I’m VERY excited for that, as post-apoc is my comfort zone.

        All in all, I’m happy to be settled and working again, though, time is always short. Thor is almost three and a half now, and my main job is taking care of him. I also don’t have the benefit of my wife (she’s deployed until around November). So, I do the best I can to make forward progress. There are no weekends for me; there are no breaks. Once Thor is in school, you will likely see my productivity absolutely skyrocket — as lots of time will become available.

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