Real Blessings

I won’t deny I’d like more cash.

I confess, I’d like a bigger house.

It would sure be nice to lose weight in a flash.

I’d absolutely appreciate a comfortable retirement for me and my spouse.

Don’t let me get lost in these extravagant desires.

Don’t let me forget I’m already blessed.

A man grows to covet the things he admires,

but your righteousness is all I need to invest.

I love my wife with whom you have blessed me.

I love my children with whom you have blessed me.

No matter the hardship that may fall on me,

help me remember the wonderful gifts you have already given me.

Yet the most wonderful blessing I could ever receive,

is the gift of your love, and because of it, I believe.



He Is The Christ

The Father is in Him, and He is in the Father.

The Son came down so that man could be saved.

He is the way; there is no other.

He gave His life; our price is paid.

The word he spoke was true.

Believe both them and the many glorious deeds.

No other could do what He could do.

Where all our efforts fail, his succeeds.

He knows the heart of man.

He has been given His sheep to keep.

They have been His since time began,

and one day the sower will come home to reap.

He is the only path to eternal life.

Seek and follow Jesus Christ.



Do Not Practice Sin

All fall short of perfection.

But the children of God do not practice their sinful actions.

They don’t act without correction.

They don’t give in to earthly attractions.

All sin, but Christ is our salvation.

But the children of God do not feed their sinful nature.

They don’t seek approval or justification.

They don’t indulge in today’s pleasures at the cost of their future.

If you claim to be saved,

take stock of the sin in your life.

In what way have you behaved?

How much change have you seen in your life?

Those who follow God are not perfect,

but neither do they allow the sin in their life to continue unchecked.


The Advocate

Speak for me Lord, for I’m unworthy.

Grant me Your cloak of righteousness.

Your death and resurrection set me free.

My sins are covered by Your blamelessness.

You have my Love,

and Your love is in me.

You are one with the father above.

The glory was yours before the world even came to be.

You are our propitiation.

You paid the price we couldn’t pay.

For this and every generation,

You are the life, the truth, and the way.

We do not live for sin,

but if we do sin, we thank You, Christ, for advocating for us with Him.



Giving God

He blesses me more than I deserve.

My Father in Heaven gives me such great things.

Oh the joy You’ve given without reserve!

Oh the fullness Your love brings!

My glee is so great it brings me guilt. 

How can I be so blessed when I’m so unworthy?

My broken heart, He has rebuilt.

I have tasted the Living Water, and I am no longer thirsty.

Kind and generous is my giving God.

He provides for my every need.

Kind and generous is my giving God.

He has broken my chains; I have been freed.

Words can’t express my gladness.

The LORD has made me new and taken all of my sadness.



His Work Through My Hands

Use me. 

Let Your will be done.

Call me.

Let Your desire and my deeds be one.

Work through me.

Make my mind, heart, soul, and hands Yours to own.

Equip me.

Develop my Gifts to harvest the grain You’ve sown.

Encourage me.

Keep fear from turning me aside.

Embolden me.

If I am to serve You, I can not hide.

Place in my heart a task.

Work through my hands to do all You ask.



Wherever I May Go

He lives in me.

He is with me wherever I may go.

My heart is filled with glee.

For His love is true; this I know.

I can’t be pulled from his mighty hands.

Nothing can take me away.

Whether I’m in friendly or enemy lands.

He is with me, come what may.

He fills me with courage, and I trust in His might.

I walk in faith with every step I take.

I need not fear, for Jesus has already won the great fight.

Should I falter, God is merciful and forgives my mistake.

Whatever trials or troubles come to be,

I can take comfort, for the Father lives in me.

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