The cover from this story was taken from its Amazon buy page for review purposes under fair use doctrine.

Lies of the Beholder is the third and final story in the Legion saga by Brandon Sanderson.  Spoiler Free Summary: Legion’s aspects are fading away, and that’s a bad sign. Even as he draws closer to finding the woman he’s been seeking, he’s losing control of his aspects and himself. When a company approaches him with the offer of a cure, Stephen has to come to terms with the truth of what his aspects are for.

Character:  This has always been an area of strength for Sanderson. Leeds is charming and witty, and those traits go well with a main character. His desire to be a part of humanity without losing what makes him unique is interesting. The plot is pretty self contained, but all the stories in the saga have been small in scope out of necessity. This was originally a pitch story for a series, so each book had to be fast paced fun, and this was.

Exposition: This story was far too quick to have much in the way of exposition. There may have been an occasional background establishing conversation, but the story moved well. This book grabs you and drags you along.

Image of Sanderson by Nazrilof was taken from Sanderson’s website for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine.

Dialogue: This is probably the biggest selling point for this book. The dialogue for this series (and this book) is so crisp and fun. It stands on its quick wit and humor.

Description:  This didn’t have a ton of description. It was there, but it wasn’t visceral. I never mind the lack in this area. I’ve never been obsessed with detail. I’m much more interested in plot and character than details.  Some may want more, and I couldn’t argue with them. I just wasn’t worried about it. I had the description I needed, and I moved along in the plot.

Overall:  This is the first book I read in 2019, and it’s still my second favorite so far. It’s a decently satisfying conclusion, but the best value in the story was that it was a fun, quick tale that entertained me from word one to “the end.” Leeds is a wonderfully deep character, and the resolution was satisfying. Sad to see the story end, but Sanderson always delivers!

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