Those who love the Father

follow Him and obey.

They don’t find his commandments a bother.

They grow more like the Son each and every day.

Eat the right food.

Man does not live by bread alone.

He who lives by the word of God has certitude.

He finds more peace that he has ever known.

Study the the word so that you may grow.

Commit them to your hearts and minds.

If His work is the crop that you have sown,

you will reap more joy than you had thought you could ever find.

Love, Obey, Eat, and Grow.

Do this, and His presence in your life will show.


Because I Sin

I am a sinner.

I have looked at a brother in anger.

I’ve accumulated wealth thinking that would make me a winner.

I’ve let others work while I relax in languor.

I was a slave to sin.

I’ve stared at women in lust.

I drank myself stupid to quite the spirit within.

I was a liar no man should ever trust.

Jesus Christ paid the price.

His sacrifice made me clean.

He bled for every vice.

It was the only way to account for the sins God has seen.

The Savior who died and has risen

was the only way I could have been forgiven.



Perishable vs Eternal

Money will perish.

His love endures.

Fame will perish.

His grace endures.

Flesh will perish.

His peace endures.

Pleasure will perish.

His holiness endures.

Pain will parish.

His comfort endures.

Sadness will perish.

HIs joy endures.

All of the things of this world are perishable.

The Lord God, and the gifts he gives, is eternal.



Don’t Let Me Fall

Hold me tightly.

Surround me with Your light, lest my eyes wander.

Help me walk steadfastly and rightly.

Your love is a precious gift I never want to squander.

Provide me a means of escape

when temptation gives its seductive call.

Mold me into a better shape.

Lift me to Your grace lest I fall.

My desire is to serve You,

but my fleshly heart was born to desire evil things.

Let me please and glorify You in all I do,

so I might enjoy Your peace and all that it brings.

A life in service to You is a life most blessed.

Grant me wisdom, LORD, so that when temptation comes, I may pass the test.




We have the freedom to speak out mind.

We have the freedom to petition out government.

We have freedoms others can only hope to find,

But our most precious freedom comes through Christ, whom God sent.

We have freedoms to bring arms to bare.

We have freedom of the press.

Of all the freedoms for which we care,

Christ’s is the greatest. Without Him, all other freedom is worthless.

We even have freedom of religion.

We can worship or not however we want to.

This makes it so we ca openly praise God’s own Son,

For His is the only way that is true. I

We have so many great freedoms from this nation we are in,

But it is Christ who gives us freedom from sin.



How Do You Do It?

How can you be so slow to frustration?

How can you be so quick to forgive?

Too quickly I find vexation,

Too often I become combative.

Help me to be more like You.

Help me to have a heart of forgiveness and peace.

Guide me, LORD, in all I do.

My desire to grow more like You shall never cease.

Grant me a heart like yours, full of grace.

Grant me a heart like yours, full of steadfast love.

Your son’s likeness is the goal to which I race.

Your love is the gift no one is worthy of.

Just as you forgive us our iniquity,

grant us a forgiving spirit so that we may have tranquility.



The Right Goal

Let us seek Your righteousness.

Let us follow Your path.

Help us walk away from our selfishness,

lest we encourage Your wrath.

Let our deeds be pleasing.

Let good fruit come from our actions.

Let every day be more appeasing.

Let me focus on You with no distractions.

Be first in my heart, soul, and mind.

Be the center of my attention.

For You are the creator of mankind,

and I seek only Your affection.

Becoming saved has given us the proper perspective.

Pleasing You is the only real objective.


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