I prayed night after night,
asking God why he turned His ear from me.
I thought myself just and right,
blind to the need I had to be set free.

I prayed for myself,
unconcerned with God’s will.
I treated God like a tool to be placed on a shelf,
seeking happiness in an accomplishment or cheap thrill.

Suddenly, I saw my life was empty.
Suddenly, I realized I was not my own master.
Of material things, I had plenty,
but my spirit only fell faster and faster.

Suddenly, I saw my desperate need,
so I turned from myself, and dedicated my life to Thee.




Turn the other cheek,
though their actions are cruel and sinful.
Be humble and meek,
though the world wants you to be full of pride and boastful.

Treat others as you would be treated.
Respect, even if you’re disrespected.
Be giving, even if you feel cheated.
Maintain a loving heart, even when you feel dejected.

Be like Christ, who walked in peace.
Be like Christ, who walked in love.
Be like Him, and receive a grace that will never cease.
Be like Him, and know your treasures are stored above.

Put yourself away;
pick up your cross, and follow him every day.



My Shield

Protect me from whom I fear most.
Guard me agains his clever schemes.
Do not give the enemy a reason to boast.
His plans haunt my thoughts, and his evil haunts my dreams.

Defend me, LORD,  for my trust is in You.
Change my enemy’s heart to your will.
You are my shield for every trial I go through.
No matter what comes, you are with me still.

Save me, please, from this foe face.
He plagues me night and day.
Fill his heart with your loving grace,
and help him, LORD, to change his ways.

I confess when I ask for protection from him,
I speak of the prideful sinner who lives within.



To Glorify God

Words of praise are only the product of wind and thought.
They only require the time and energy of a moment.
Do men measure other men by what they say or what they’ve wrought?
How many men spend moments to praise God but cast Him aside for enjoyment?

Commitment isn’t shown by talk, but by action.
What a man says is worthless compared to how he lives.
Let God be the whole, and not a fraction.
He who would receive must be the one who gives.

Glorify Him by reflecting His character.
Glorify Him by obeying His commands.
Glorify Him now and hereafter.
Glorify Him through all the work you do with your hands.

Rather than talk of how you love Him,
simply live a life that honors Him.




Let my heart, mind, and eyes be on You,
for Your kingdom and righteousness should be what I seek.
Let the praise of your name be the reason for all that I do.
Let my heart, mind, eyes, and soul be Yours to keep.

When thunder crashes around me,
and enemies surround me,
Your mercy comforts me.
You grace encourages me.

You are the creator of everything.
All things belong to You.
There is no comparison to the joy You bring.
Against every trial, You will never fail to bring me through.

Let Your will be in my heart for all time.
In joy or suffering, be always on my mind.




I was confused,
frustrated by people who said they knew the way.
Rather than teach, they only ranted and accused.
Their pride in their opinions led me astray.

Then I sought His Word,
knowing that was the true source.
It was only then that my faith was stirred.
The more I read, the more confident I was in my course.

Wise teachers lead students to resources.
Wise travelers look for directions.
For questions on religion, the Word is the first recourse.
The Word shows the way and provides correction.

I sought the Bible for all the questions I had to bare.
Low and behold, all the answers were there.




Many are called; answer.
Few are chosen; listen for for the call.
Blessed are those who heard and answered,
but those who didn’t hear or answer will fall.

If you hear, seek, and you will find.
The Word will lead you to the right place.
He can bring sight to the blind.
Run to him; run to finish the race.

If you’ve answered, remembered you were chosen.
You did not choose Him; He chose you.
It doesn’t matter your level of devotion;
if He hadn’t called you, there would have been nothing you could do.

If you hear the call, you are already blessed.
Answer, and you will receive more than you ever could have guessed.

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