Greetings all,

MeandHazelI’m happy to announce that Hazel has been signed to Antarctic Press. That means a dream Collin Fogel and I had back when we were 13(ish) is coming true. He created the character and overall background. He also did all the art. The pencils, the inks, the colors.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to write the story.  The link above will take you to general information about Hazel. You can also see some of the awesome artwork Collin has done.

Antarctic was one of two companies I’m aware of that were interested in Hazel. We’re glad someone was as excited about the project as Collin and I were.

I’ve seen a few ideas for release dates, but I know things still aren’t’ finalized in that regard. Issue 1 is all finished, and Issue 2 is pretty close to being done. This arc (which I call Ruthless Allies) is a three-issue mini-series. I’ll update you when an official release date is posted. It’s so cool to know I’ll have yet another title available at my tables. I hope you guys will start calling up your local comic book shops to get them to carry the title.

Thanks for reading


3 thoughts on “Hazel Is Getting Published!

    1. I appreciate it. Still some stuff in the works. Honestly, I wasn’t technically supposed to post that yet (waiting for ink to dry if you know what I mean), but Friday was so busy I went straight to sleep forgetting I had that scheduled. Still, pretty confident the metaphorical ink will dry. I can’t wait for it to come out. I have a lot of ideas on how to handle that with tours, and it’s ALWAYS a good idea to increase the things available at a table.

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