What Do You Desire More

Some questions for those who deny Heaven or Hell:
What if they do exist?
Would you still proclaim that all is well?
Would your desire for earthly things persist?

What would you give to avoid a moment of pain?
What if that torment were to last forever?
Would you still be selfish with all you’ve gained?
Wouldn’t you pursue a new endeavor?

If worldly goods are all you desire,
worldly goods will be all you receive.
But if you set your sights on One who is higher,
you will gain more than you could ever believe.

If after this life there is indeed something more,
what good are the worldly things you work so hard for?




Let us be joyful in our loss,
for believers who die yet live.
During life, we take up our cross.
When our time on this earth ends, we gladly receive the blessings you give.

Let us take comfort in You.
We fix our eyes on the unseen.
Though feel sadness in this grief we are going through,
we know that all pain, sadness, and sin has been washed clean.

Comfort us,
for our hearts are broken.
Heal us,
for we take comfort in the promises you have spoken.

We take heart because Jesus died and rose again,
and so we believe God will bring with Jesus those who’ve fallen asleep in him.



Shall Not Want

My Lord provides for me;
He will ensure I have all I need.
My Lord comforts me;
He wipes away my sorrow and grief.

My Lord defends me;
He prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies.
My Lord guides me;
He establishes my path and directs my feet.

My Lord loves me;
He is with me all the days of my life.
My Lord encourages me;
He is with me in times of joy and strife.

I will dwell with him; I need not despair or fear,
for my Lord is always good, and He is always near.



After The Door Is Shut

After the door is shut,
he will not answer you.
It will not open no matter what.
For you had the time to enter, and you chose not to.

When you say, “but I ate at table with You,”
He will reply, “I never knew you.”
When you say, “but I did so much for You.”
He will reply, “Depart from me; I never knew you.”

Strive to enter through the narrow door,
for many will seek but be unable.
Do not ignore the prophets who have come before,
lest you be forced to watch those who answered sit at His table.

Your pride and lusts are the costs you must pay.
But letting them go and following Him is the only way.



He is There

A man trapped in a dark room may think the sun has gone.
A flower planted in a desert may feel water has run dry.
One who toils all night may think he’ll never see the dawn.
A mourner may not feel God’s presence, though he may try.

But the sun remains in the sky even in the night.
The oceans still swell though the desert is far.
The sun will rise, and you will see its light.
God is with His elect no matter where they are.

He is with you;
Do not be dismayed.
His Spirit will guide everything you do.
He will strengthen you and give you aid.

Do not let the night lie and convince you the sun isn’t there.
He will answer, only seek him continually in prayer.




The LORD is gracious,
though We are underserving.
He teaches and cares for all of us,
though we are constantly stumbling.

His rain falls on the just and the unjust,
but we need only wait to see
He allows the sun to shine on the just and the unjust,
for there is nothing that happens that He has not allowed to be.

He is merciful to grant us time to grow.
He is loving, providing His word to teach.
He sent His Spirit to help us know
that he is always with us, and nothing can take us out of His reach.

Sanctify us, oh Lord, and continue to guide us.
Thank You, oh Lord, for your patience and graciousness toward us.



Find me

Come and find me,
for I am lost.
Lift me up on your shoulders and rescue me.
Celebrate my return, for You’ve paid the cost.

Come and find me.
Though ninety nine are with you.
Come and rescue me,
for I am lost, and I don’t know what to do.

Pick me up.
Though you have nine pieces of silver still.
Lift me up,
so that I might serve Your will.

I cannot come unless you call,
Please let your voice be heard by me and by all.

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