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Offworld1   The name for the double-sided comic which contains Hazel is officially Offworld! We’re actually pretty close to being finished with the comic as a whole. Collin is hard at work on the remaining pages, and I’m reviewing the story (written content). I think it’s coming together well, and the artwork is amazing!

The first issue is still set for release in February. Information I have says it’ll be in store Feb. 26!  If you have Previews magazine, you’ll see a nifty little add for the comic within those pages.

Again, you all can help a great deal by calling your local comic shops and saying you want a copy. I’m going to start trying to get appearances lined up in my area, so if you’re a Maryland (Baltimore/Washington) person, please let your providers know you want a copy.

Again, Hazel is still going to get her story in her own book, but doing this split book lets us get the product out sooner.

I just wanted to make the quick announcement. You should see news about Discovered (Oneiros 3 (the final book)) here pretty soon as well. I’m pretty sure I’ll get the plotting done before I start the Alpha Draft of Betrayed in December, so please stay tuned for that.

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