Cover image taken from the book’s Amazon buy page for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine.

Spoiler Free Summary:  Phobosteus by Dennis Mombauer is the eleventh story in the Alien Days Anthology. Falb has a goal to capture an Apparition (an alien creature). But he’s about to learn more about himself than the alien race he’s targeted.

Character:  As I sometimes have to do, I have to admit I don’t remember any of this story at all. I read a few pages here and there in the hopes that something would shake out, but the story just wasn’t memorable for me. This story was especially hard to recall. I legitimately read a few pages, which is normally more than enough to jog my memory, but nothing came to mind. 

Exposition: The forgettability of the story has one positive attribute: It means I didn’t get frustrated about the story dragging on, which means that whatever happened, it at least happened at a nice pace and rhythm.  

Worldbuilding: See above.

Dialogue: See above.

Image of Mr. Mombauer taken from his website for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine. 

Description:  Probably another indicator that the story was not bad because I don’t remember anything about it. This indicates that I wasn’t slogged down or bored at reading the story. 

Overall: It doesn’t happen too often that I read a story and have no ability to remember anything about it. It’s even more rare that a casual glance at a story fails to help me remember the gist of said story. This almost always means that while I was reading it, I wasn’t remotely interested. I wasn’t bored or angry at the way the story was crafted, but nothing grabbed my attention to hold my interest.

This isn’t a typical review for me, but I have to be honest about the impact stories have on me because I hope that if someone buys a book based on what I say, they get what they expect to get or better. I’m sorry I don’t recall anything about this story. I’m also sorry I don’t have constructive feedback like I normally do, but that is a part of what writing is. Reading it again would give it more attention than the other authors, and I don’t think that’s fair either. I still think the anthology as a whole is perfect for the commute to and from work (audio format). That’s because the worst of the stories is still pretty solid, and that’s a compliment.

Thanks for reading



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