Greetings all,

Those of you who follow my blog understand I am a Christian trying to live a more-Christian life.

When we were approached about connecting Hazel with Interstellar Dust, the information I received was that it was just another comic, and that putting these two comics together would help both get out faster. I agreed, so OffWorld began to go into the publication process.

I was ignorant. I just wanted to get our comic out as soon as possible.

Recently, I learned that the other story has brief nudity and scenes that take place in locations of adult origin. There is no intercourse or overtly sexual acts according to the information I have.

Given my religious stance, I felt that even brief nudity is something I don’t want to be a part of. I worked with Collin, and he spoke with the other creators. They were polite and kind. Collin worked very hard to reach some arrangement. It was ultimately my decision to step away from the project.

This is because even if they were able to add clothes to the few scenes (I believe it is a total of two panels), there is still an entire scene that takes places at a location that is sexual in nature. I can’t speak with my mouth about God’s law and sin and then profit from a product that has such content.

The comic is still scheduled for release. Issue 1 has already gone  to print, so my name will appear on the Hazel side of that issue. From there, my name has been removed thanks to the hard work and patient understanding of my dear friend Collin. I have deferred any royalty  payments I had previously arranged to him. I will not be receiving any royalties from the sales of these comics, nor will I be selling OffWorld at any events I attend.

There have been talks that Hazel will still get her own comic run. If that is the case, I will happily sell the story Collin and I worked so hard to create at any events I attend.

Again, the fault is my own for not asking questions when this idea was sent to me. I never imagined a world where that would happen.

I also need to affirm once more that Collin was the ultimate professional. He understood where I was coming from. He worked very hard to create an arrangement where everyone could move forward as planned. I didn’t personally speak with the other creators, but everything I heard says they were equally professional and understanding.

I hope this explains everything. I also hope Hazel will have her shot as an individual comic or graphic novel. I’m still very proud of that story.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.


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