Greetings all,

caught-front-coverThis is one of my favorite things to post. I’m happy to announce that the Alpha Draft to Betrayed, the sequel to Caught, is finished!

This means the Oneiros trilogy, (quadrilogy  if you want to count Kaitlyn’s little story in Repressed) is nearly finished.

Betrayed will go to Sarah for editing. While I wait to send it (I have to save up the money for the edits first) and get it back from her, I’m finishing up the outline to Discovered, the third and final book in the saga.  That project is going well.

I think I’m still on track to release Betrayed in October, but that depends far more on my ability to save up enough for the edits than the time it will take to work on other drafts. That’s not to say time isn’t a factor, but it’s a smaller factor than the budget at this point in my life.

In other Weech news, recent events involving Corona Virus have lead to the postponement of the Annapolis ComicCon and the cancellation of Four State ComicCon. Obviously, the health and safety of people is paramount. My opinions (which aren’t relevant) on the decision don’t change the age-old adage, “better safe than sorry.”

That means the next event I’ll be at (pending any further decisions) is AwesomeCon, which I’m always thrilled to be at.

As always, I’m grateful to everyone who’s shown their support over the last five years. If you’re in doors for whatever reason, and you haven’t tried one of my books, please consider one of my stories to help the time go by.

Thanks for reading,


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