Image taken from the book’s Goodreads page for Review Purposes under Fair Use doctrine.

I’m a firm believe in the Dave Ramsey program, so when Debt-Free Degree by Anthony Oneal came out, I snatched it up. First, I have sons. Two of them will be in college in just five years. While we’re working our way through the baby steps, we’re no where near where we need to be yet to save for college.

This book is best for people who have younger kids, but what I like about it is it gives you steps to take at each grade level in each financial position. It talks a lot about planning and helping the mindset of your child.

What I don’t like so much about it is that while it talks about how “many scholarships” there are and how “we need to apply” for them, I found very little actionable information. Where do I go to apply? Where do I go to find all those scholarships. I imagine the organization’s website will have more resources, but I wish the book was more of a step by step, how to than it was a “here’s how to get your kid’s mindset ready.”

Image of Mr. Oneal taken from his website’s bio for review purposes under Fair Use doctrine. 

The book has value from a planning standpoint, especially in regard to preparing and working with a child to identify and move forward with a career path. I just wish it had more meat and potatoes in the scholarship department.

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